View Full Version : Prowler Quality = C at best

10-20-2014, 09:18 PM
Hi Everyone,
It's been an eventful summer since we bough our new 2014 Prowler Resort 40FK. Since the end of July when the trailer was delivered, I've discovered four water leaks, none of which were present on the PDI, which I think I was pretty thorough with. I understand that some things can become loose during a 75 mile transport, but FOUR things? C'mon, this is just poor build quality. Leak #1 was a loose fitting on the rear of the water heater, and tightening up the fitting resolved issue. Leak #2 was from the city water inlet. They used a piece of braided nylon hose rather than Pex, which is used everywhere else. Aside from that, they used undersized hose clamps, put them out of position, and did not tighten them tight enough either. I installed wider hose clamps and tightened them properly. Problem resolved. Leak #3 was the exact same issue as #2, except the leak was at the sprayport connection in the lazy susan compartment. I had an RV repair guy replace the Tygon hose with the proper PEX hoses/fittings to resolve the leak. Leak #4 was from the shower drain. The pipes we installed crooked and there was a bunch of sawdust in the rubber gasket. Really? I replaced the pipes and such so they arent crooked and the leak is solved.
Also had to tug on the upper section of the slideout when we were closing up so it would seal properly.
Heartland, I'm not very impressed so far. The 40 FK is on a seasonal site and is blocked, so it isn't practical to bring it back to the dealer for warranty repair.
Hopefully next year we can enjoy it. We love the view from those big kitchen windows.