Fresh Water tank Leak (Solved)


I have owned my 2020 Bighorn Traveller for about 10 months. We are in Florida for the winter so we have used our rig for the last 2 months. One of the issues I have found besides electrical, flooring, landing gear and slides is I have a leak in my fresh water holding tank system. I do not boondock but everything should work. That means me making these systems work as they should or at least try.

Shortly after I purchased this rig used, I filled the fresh water tank. I noticed drooping of the political sign making material (Coroplast) covering the underbelly. I needed to put a hole to release the water. Well today I decide to tackle this project. After some borescope investigation, I made the cut and exposed the underbelly above the rear axle. The blue PEX line was hanging and not attached to the tank. The female fitting on the tank was attached to the elbow and not the tank.

I see online that HL has replaced some of these tanks for similar leaking issues under warranty, but that boat has sailed in my case. I have a couple of options for the repair but before I do anything, I need to know what these tanks are made of to find the correct adhesive?

If you possess this knowledge, I would really appreciate your input.




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Mine is less than 6 years old and the issues are endless, t handles, water leaks, heater, air conditioner, circuit breakers you name it, its just good I know how to fix things saving me labor costs and having to bring it somewhere. Maybe Ill park it near the beach next hurricane season.
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Its very frustrating and it doesn't seem to be manufacture specific. This is an industry issue. I have talked to so many with the same concerns and some just accept that RV's need constant maintenance and corrective actions at your expense. My new water tank sags between the cross members. Heartland knows about this and has a fix but only if you take it to them to have the work done. I am in Florida and they are mid west. Why is there not a list a Service Bulletins for improvements by the manufacturer for the owners? Cars, boats, airplanes all have these. I have talked to manufactures of components on my rig and they have been told to keep it cheap as possible. Dissimilar metal corrosion, bad wiring, loose connections, circuit breaker labels do not match systems, connectors not going to the system there are supposed to. Wires hanging in plain view not labeled? I have at least 5 of these. It goes on. No standards, no diagrams, you need to contact each individual manufacturer to get specific information. Imagine if your car was built like this. I am an A&P mechanic (retired). Its actually an embarrassment to the people who engineer RV's and consider themselves experts in this field. There is no accountability at all. Slide seals under warranty for 6 months due to poor quality and high failure. Even my extended warranty only covers a lifetime of $500. Roof leaks that destroy walls and floors. Wood structure that is not marine grade or sealed. Self tapping screws that are not sealed with silicone and going into wood. It doesn't end.
At the RV show in FT Myers this past winter, and talking to a couple sales people. Their excitement was that the RV industry was suggesting that standards may be created for new RV construction. DUH!

Sorry for the outflow of frustration. I can only hope someone listens and steps up to the plate.
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Like you I'm an A&P so I'm able to do all the repairs myself saving me tons on labor costs and having to tow it a few hundred miles somewhere to get it looked at. Everything on my 2016 Heartland has been repaired by me, the furnace and ac, water leaks, hot water heater, led lighting now I have the sagging under the water tank, it never ends.