View Full Version : Kudos to RV Lock Co.

06-26-2015, 05:29 PM
After procrastinating for abt a month I finally broke down Wed morn and tried to order the RV Lock 4.0 that was listed on the Goshen Specials page. I tried doing it on the web but the discount didn't come out right. I e-mailed support at RV Lock and very shortly got a reply from Cade. I explained and he e-mailed me back an invoice with the correct amount which I promptly paid and let him know. He e-mailed back "got it" at 226PM. A little later I got a ship notice and it arrived this afternoon.

48 hrs from order to inhand deserves a big Thank you to Cade and RV Lock Co. By 5PM it was installed and working.


06-26-2015, 08:23 PM
I also had a great experience with RV Lock. I was hoping they would be at the rally and I could pick up a lock set there but they were not able to attend. When we got home I ordered online and used Amazon to complete the payment. I received the unit in about three days and it decided to install it. After reading the directions I removed the old lock set and took the new one out of the box to install and discovered it did not have the keypad on the unit. I called RV Lock and they were very nice and asked if the box said Version 4 on the outside and it did but it was not a Version 4 with the keypad in the box. He asked for my address and when I said they would have it in their records he replied yes we do but I want to get the replacement unit shipped out right away and this will be faster. Now that is going the extra distance to resolve a situation.

I just wish I would have looked at the new unit before I removed the old one from my Bighorn. Oh well it was easy to put back on and the new replacement will be here in a couple of days. I felt like they really tried to accommodate me in a situation that was really just a goofy mistake somehow.