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04-11-2008, 10:03 PM
Hi everyone,
We just put down 1,000 to hold a 2008 Razor 3110DS
5.5 gen
fuel cell
2 queen beds in garage
15kbtu ac
rear screen
all for an out the door price of
Let me know if you think I am getting ripped off or getting a really good deal or just a regular deal. :rolleyes:

04-12-2008, 01:13 PM
****** sounds about right. Sorry, couldn't help myself.
Jim, is it acceptable to solicit a pm about pricing?

04-12-2008, 03:39 PM
Cool, is there a forum where it is allowed.

04-12-2008, 04:52 PM
I can not believe that you ***** out his price. I for one, think that RV dealers in general need to be more honest about "MSRP" and costs that they incumber on selling rigs. I just bought my first 5th wheel and dealt with three seperate Heartland dealers that were either dishonest, or adding $10 - $15K to a Manufacturers MSRP on a cyclone, because (quote from a dealer), "Well, this is what we sell them for here in Reno, NV. I had to drive 550 miles into Southern California to get a price that was more than reasonable. I think that this is pretty sad, and I despise dishonest businesses that can not move product at a reasonable cost, instead of price goughing other customers. I am a very reasonable, yet highly educated buyer, and you could tell that the dealers I was trying to work with, were not used to this, which caused them to be dishonest. I contacted Heartland about this, and they said that they would look into it. By the way.... the Cyclone that I received from Richardsons RV in Ontario, CA (bought online, sight unseen), was exactly as described, ready to go, clean, and a very nice rig. I look forward to many years in this and hope that the gentleman above (looking at Razor), is able to get a fair deal and not get taken by an unscroupulous dealer. I know Heartland can not control everything, but how nice would it be to actually see a "Factory Window Sticker" as required by law on new vehicles, put into RV's. This way the consumer is not at the will of the local dealer, and the manufacturer is assured that the dealers are not turning away buyers with outrageous mark-ups. If I were not set on the exact model, I would have been looking at other products and Heartland would have lost me as a customer, possibly for life. And being that I am only 31, I imagine I have at least 4-5 more purcahses in the RV market to make before I lay in the dirt.

04-12-2008, 06:09 PM
I agree with you about the window sticker. Would be great to have that kind of information available to the consumer so that their sure they are get'n a fair shake. I'd even love to see something like Edmunds.com for RV's.

However, it's very clear in this forums policy that discussing pricing of Heartland RV's is not permissible in the open forum. It is acceptable to discuss pricing in private messages between members. I hope this doesn't sour your view of the forum and that you continue to enjoy your visits here.. There's a lot of great owners here helping other owners.. That's what this particular forum is really for.


04-12-2008, 06:45 PM
No problem on the forum's policy. I will call the manufacturer on Monday and find out what is happening msrp wise. The dealer here also said the steel wheels on the unit is Heartland's idea of aluminum cast wheels so I am going to check with them on that also. Plus I also heard that heartland puts Goodyear tires on them now verses the Mission one they used to put on. The one we have a deposit on has Unicorn on it. Also it dose not have the slide in storage bins under the unit, another thing I have to check with the factory. So its not a done deal yet and I keep learning more about these units from this site and rvnet and the web in general.