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09-11-2016, 08:09 AM
Hi - when I dropped my Cyclone off for service, I could light my burners on my stovetop just by turning the control to "Lite", it would click 3 or 4 times and automatically light.

Now that I have it back, it no longer automatically lights and I have to light the burner manually.

What do I need to do to get it to light automatically again?


09-11-2016, 08:23 AM
Hi Janet,

You need good propane flow, and a good spark from the burner electrode, close enough to the burner to ignite the gas.

Since you're lighting the burner manually, I'm assuming you have good gas flow. But if the flame isn't normal, that requires inspection.

If you lift the cooktop, you should be able to inspect the wiring for the burner electrode. If the techs were working on it, they may have knocked a wire loose. Also check the placement of the tip relative to the burner. It needs to be relatively close to ignite.

09-11-2016, 08:33 AM
Thanks Dan, it looks okay to me but none of the burners are lighting automatically.

The techs were not working on anything anywhere near the stove.


09-11-2016, 01:49 PM
Do these igniters use a 'AA' battery like the one in my CharBroil BBQ at home?

09-11-2016, 03:14 PM
If you have the standard 3 burner cook top, lift the top and look in the center where you will see a wire that is coming from igniter knob area going to the small enclosed area in the center with a little pipe going to each burner. Make sure all pipes are attached to the individual burner and the center igniter. I have had one pipe bounce loose, and one burner fail to fire up, but never all of them. You should be able to see the spark in the center when you crank the handle to ignite a burner, If no spark, then most likely the igniter is bad.

Jim M

09-11-2016, 08:40 PM
None of the burners are even making that clicking sound they make as they are attempting to ignite the gas so it seems like the igniter went bad...I think...

I will run it by a service spot on my way to Calif.

I am thinking it isn't dangerous, just annoying, right?

09-11-2016, 08:44 PM
My igniter operates by turning the knob - one direction creates a spark - the other direction does nothing. Silly question - are you turning it the right direction?

09-11-2016, 09:20 PM
From the off position, my burner knob only turns in one direction so that limits my capacity for error!

09-11-2016, 09:23 PM
You must have a different style range. I have a separate knob for each burner, and a separate knob for the igniter. Sounds like the igniter is built into each of your burner knobs.

09-12-2016, 02:01 AM

On ours, the igniter wires were cracking and the igniter was then grounding on the metal stove top. If you pull your metal cover of your stove top up, turn off your lights and allow it to be dark in the coach and then turn the igniter knob you will see a spark where it is grounding out. You might have a couple of locations like this. I fixed mine by replacing my wires, however another easy solution if this is your problem would be heat shrink tubing over the top of the wire where it is cracked.


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09-12-2016, 08:05 AM
Just a suggestion. I have a rental, and the tenant was complaining that some of the burners were not igniting with the piezo, only with an external match. I could not see a reason why. However I noted the metal/porcelain was slightly discovered due to cooking spills. I cleaned it with kitchen cleaner, and the piezo worked. The only summation was the spillage was less resistance than the burner defuser. Just a suggestion

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09-13-2016, 10:55 AM
Last week, two of my 3 burners failed to light using the automatic ignition. I could, however, light these burners using a match. After removing the range top, I looked unsuccessfully for the likely cause of my problem. Then I began to repeatedly turn the ignition knob and, watching the wire leading to the burner, was able to see a small spark several inches from the burner. I discovered a 'short' in the wires to both of the burners. Using black machinists tape, I carefully wrapped both wires at the locations of the sparks which eliminated the 'shorts'. I could then use the auto ignition again to light both burners.