My 2018 Heartland Pioneer RK280 has a double-switch in the hallway to the bedroom, to the right of the thermostat. Left left switch controls the outside red leds beneath the body and steps. The right switch controls the led string on the main body wall, above the slide, hidden from direct view, and providing indirect lighting bouncing off the ceiling.

Sure enough, when I pull that switch out of the wall, the right switch for indirect lighting has full time power coming in, plus a white wire with red stripe coming out. I know for a fact that this while wire with red stripe goes to the led string for indirect lighting.

HOWEVER, the downstream side of that switch has a SECOND wire that's white with an orange stripe. I cannot figure out WHERE IN THE WORLD that wire goes. Since it's coming from a "light switch", one would think it feeds a light. But every light I find works when that switch is off or the incoming power is removed. I cannot find another light that might be fed by this second wire, that's white with orange stripe. I can't think of anything else it might control, that's not a light.

SO.... does anybody else have a 2018 Heartland Pioneer RK280, with a switch in the hallway, that controls TWO things, the indirect lighting PLUS SOMETHING ELSE?

I can live without knowing, but would like to know.

(Note that this wire is shorted to ground. Not all the time, but sometimes. From time to time it was blowing my fuse. I finally found this as the culprit and temporarily disconnected it from the switch. [cutters and caps!] So I'm fully up and working with everything I know. It just bugs me that I have no clue what else was supposed to be controlled by this switch. I have no clue why that mystery thing would be blowing fuses. Do you?)
Found it rather quickly using the tool recommended by @mlpeloquin and described by @centerline . Thanks! It's hilarious. First of all, I don't give a rats body part about the external speakers having red LED backlighting. Second of all, why in the world would that external light be on the same switch as the one that controls the indirect lighting above the slide? Anyway, that's the offending shorted wire, the one to those speakers. That wire is now cut in half, capped off on both ends, labeled well, the two ends taped near one another for some future owner that cares, then dropped back inside the wall behind the switch.