View Full Version : E30 camp kitchen remodel

03-23-2017, 03:38 PM
I haven't been on the forums very much lately, but this coming week (+2 weekends) to remodel our camp kitchen. No don't get me wrong, we like the space, but after lifting the trailer (larger tires and 2" correct track) my wife cannot even reach the sink without a stool. Therefore it has gotten little use and was mainly used for storage, and I kept the fridge out there as my beer fridge.

Well over the winter/late fall we went into the bunkhouse in the back of the trailer and noticed some damage due to water infiltration and subsequently found a few holes (looks like caused by backing into tree branches) in the rubber roof.



Anyhow, we fixed the leak and had a ton of DampRid in the bunkhouse to help get the moisture out, tough to do in rainy Oregon winters, and it looked good inside other than the particle board shelf next to my son's bed. Last week we took the camper to my father-in-laws farm where he has a full woodshop, and started showing him the damage so he can help remake the shelf (thinking that was all we needed to do). I was just going to leave the issues in the storage cabinet alone for now, however that was before we opened the door. I wish I had pictures to show the white fluffy (like 1.5 inches thick) mildew/mold/yuk we found when we opened the door, knowing the wall was shared with the outdoor kitchen I opened that, mainly to grab a beer (yes still in there from the last camping trip from last year, I don't drink that much, lol), and yep, same white fluffy mildew and mold in there, plus the particle board counter and pull out counter were expanded due to moisture like the shelf in the bunkhouse. So instead of just replacing a shelf last week we started planning a remodel.

Since, my wife doesn't use the outdoor kitchen, and our kids (now 3 and 7) don't have a TV in the bunkhouse and there is a ton of wasted space in the back cabinetry under the bed. The plan is to change it all around where I can hopefully still have the outdoor beer fridge, but reclaim a lot of that space to make the under bed area a laundry center. We have a vented Splendide 2100XC that we picked up yesterday and will be heading to Grandpa's farm tomorrow to start rebuilding that Bed/cabinet/outdoor kitchen area, wish me luck...