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Hey All,
There are plenty of threads on which one and type to get.
Who has the best deals in these units once a person decides to make the plunge?
Thank you in advance!

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When I purchased ours, I searched the web and found the best price, at the time, with shipping, and made the purchase. The delivery was freight. I also paid for the extended warranty and glad I did. We stayed at an RV park that had power problems. Two weeks later the living room TV, microwave, and the Splendid washer/dryer combo pooped the bed. Yes I had a built in surge/voltage protection. It cut power out between 106VAC and 105VAC. Thus the problems.

When I installed the washer, I added a drain pan. If it leaked, the water would go outside. For the warranty I called the phone number and was called back. No problem except he wanted me to take my fifth wheel to a RV dealer that I would never deal with. If I wanted to do the repair myself, he would send the part to me and the service manual along with color picture. The service manual is in black and white. All I had to do was send the old circuit board back to him in the original package prepaid. Easy fix.

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Thank you Sir

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I bought our original Pinnacle Combo W/D from PPL. They are about 2 hours' drive from us, so we picked it up, and installed ourselves. Immediately, the unit didn't seem to be working correctly, had a burning rubber smell, and was very hot on one side. I called Pinnacle, who's customer service was definitely not in the US. They wanted to schedule a tech to come look at it, in about 3 weeks. Then they would order parts, ship them to me, then I'd have to call again to schedule the repair. NOPE! I called PPL, and they offered to take the unit back, and swap out for another brand (Splendide).

Of course we had to uninstall the unit and return to the store. However, when I arrived, as I got out of the car, two guys immediately removed the old unit from my SUV and loaded the new unit in! And, they refused to charge me the higher price of the new Splendide!

We've liked the Splendide for convenience, but sometimes I wish it did larger loads and dried better.

But I'm definitely sold on the service at PPL.


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03-05-2019, 12:30 PM
We bought our Splendide off Amazon. Freight was included and it was dropped off at our door. We installed the combo in our rig with no issues. When we traded to our new rig our dealer did the exchange n/c. As others have said the unit does smaller loads and takes longer to dry but we just throw loads in and while it is doing it's things we go about our other business. As others mentioned put a drain pan underneath in the off chance there is a leak. We ahve had zero issues with our unit.