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  • Hi there, had a great time in Goshen, looking forward to many more great times. We have made our reservations at Mtn View. See you there...if we all survive this heat!!!

    Mike and Betty, Being new to this forum I have no idea what I should be doing. I have tried to post a couple things but now have no idea what happened to them. I am the other half of ernhart and bacaye that recently joined and hoping to meet other heartland owners. Hopefully in another few days we will finally have our Big Country. What was suppose to have been over a week ago is now going to be a little longer. We are from Illinois and hope to be out and about soon. We have been looking for other Heartlands but so far nothing around us. Bacaye
    Mike: When did you say you were thinking of having the meeting in Little Rock? We have decided to go on a cruise and we are leaving April 26, to return May 19. If you have the meeting while we are gone, just drop us a line and let us in on the details and we will see what we can arrange.

    Nita Taylor
    Hi Mike and Betty: So nice of you to reach out to us, it is really appreciated. We have had our Heartland Sundance for a year and we are very happy with it. I noticed on your page that you are retired law enforcement, I come from a family of police officers in San Diego, where I was raised. Phil is from Covina, CA and retired from the US Coast Guard in 1994. We met in 1996 and married in 1997 and have been traveling ever since (we are on our third RV). I have just been certified as an advanced diver, Phil just re-certified for a brush up. We are interested in doing RV trips where we can incorporate dive trips as well. We travel with our two cats, Woody and Smokey, they will be joining us on the Indiana trip in June.

    Phil and Nita
    Mike & Betty, I'm sorry to say we are not very computer saavy -- I can't even figure out how to post a message on the forum -- and I certainly hope you get this email. We currently do not have a camper -- ours was a total loss from Gustav, so we are in the market and are looking at Heartlands. We "think" we want a toyhauler -- altho we have no toys to haul:) I retired the end of June from Little Rock AFB as the court reporter. Alan is still working -- altho currently he has been off work since 1 Sep when he broke his heel washing the now destroyed camper!! I hope you get this email -- maybe you can help us learn how to do this right!!

    Hope to hear from you soon.
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