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  • Mike and Betty,
    We have made one trip to Mark Twain Landing and it was the first time I was not ready to go home. So far the Big Country is awesome...we still need a little practice with a couple things but Bill tore a tendon in his arm when we went to pick up the camper. Expensive pick-up if you know what I mean. He was putting the tripod box in the back of the truck and bingo.....He had to have surgery and still has a cast for at least six more weeks
    Comparing the travel trailer and fifth wheel is like comparing night and day. We actually have room and the walk -in shower is a blessing. Bill forgets the fifth wheel is behind him and a couple times he had to slow down. He said he does not feel he is being pushed down the hill or dragging something up a hill. We should have made this decision a couple years ago.
    Hey bacaye,
    how's the new rig comming along, give us the scoop on what ya think, and the difference between the travel trl. vs. 5th wheel, I'm sure you'll do just fine!
    Mike and Betty
    I just wanted to say hi to everyone. I listed our new fifth wheel that should come off the line tomorrow and our map will show Missouri/Illinois. Actually we camp in both because we are close but having said that...we will have to pull the camper from Missouri to Illinois. If you have any suggestions or advice we would love to hear everything. We have camped with travel trailer but pulling a fifth wheel will be new.
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