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    Small Air Compressor recommendations for RV tires

    I used to carry the Milwaukee M12 compressor - but the downside is that it only went to 110 psi. The tires on the Newport are rated for 125 psi, but I figured it was good for an emergency. Milwaukee just came out with a larger more robust M18 compressor that goes up to 150 psi - and runs off...
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: Meaford, On - 06/17/2022 to 06/19/2022

    Mike had requested t-shirt sizes. PM mike directly - not sure if it is too late to order or specify sizes if you haven't already.
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    Happy retirement Dan. You'll love it. I suspect, however, you'll have a bit of withdrawal from this forum... :LOL:
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    Garage Door Hinge Pin

    I had a Road Warrior for about 8 Years - so I understand completely! Fortunately I never experienced any issues with the "rear" garage door on the toyhauler.
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    Garage Door Hinge Pin

    My Landmark is currently in storage for the winter. I was checking the rig yesterday for water, mice, etc. While checking the basement, one of the hinges for the basement door popped out. I didn't notice it at first - but because of the pressure from the hydraulic strut, the door became...
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    Toyhauler battery disconnect/Kill Switch function?

    I had a 2013 Road Warrior (now have a Landmark). I always had issues with parasitic drain on the batteries when I'd put the trailer in storage for a couple of weeks. Although the cutoff switch was in the off position, and there was no sign of power in the trailer, the batteries would begin to...
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: Meaford, On - 06/17/2022 to 06/19/2022

    As long as the campgrounds remain open to camping this summer, we've got a pretty busy summer ahead of us - including Meaford. Looking forward to seeing everybody again. We'll be on site #35 again. Dale - I'll be bringing my ebike this year - so I'll race you around the park! :p bamoulton -...
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    Level Up Display Blank

    Thanks for the assistance. When I was ready to leave, the main panel was "alive" again. Apparently there's a ghost in the system... :D
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    Level Up Display Blank

    This is the last trip of the season. I had dropped the front legs using the Level Up button under the front end - moved the truck away from the trailer. After that I moved to the screen in the basement compartment to level the trailer - but the screen had no power. I finally went back to the...
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    Ceramic Coating

    I bought my 2020 Newport new from the dealer with the paint protection package (aka ceramic). It came with a 5 year warranty - looks great, sheds water really well and washes easily. Worth the price.
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    Dually or not ?

    I had a GMC 2500 SRW pulling a twin axle Road Warrior for 8 years. The diesel was great, but when I moved up to the 2020 Newport, I bought a RAM 3500 dually. No regrets - love the stability that the dually provides. While I love the RAM, I'm sure the GMC and Ford are equally good. Don't hold...
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    Stock Res Fridge Batteries - How long to recharge from onboard Onan?

    Hi Tom - I'm in the process of working out what you're trying to do - but for different reasons. I have a 2020 Landmark that is stored in a facility without power between trips. We'd like to run the residential fridge 24 hours BEFORE our trip to get it cooled down for groceries. Calculations...
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    What do these buttons do? Road Warrior.

    On my 2013 RW, the toggle switch (from the factory, the switch was a little different looking) operated BLUE lights on the front of the cap. Can't for the life of me figure out why blue lights..... I'll stand in line behind Jim for my margarita, thanks. :p
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    Can Toy Hauler Happijac Upper Bunk Be Lowered

    I had a 2013 Road Warrior. My oldest boy was in a wheelchair - so we altered the bunk levels for easier management of his needs. If you look directly into the tracks on the wall, you'll see the stop plates. You can move them as desired - but biggest challenge is making sure they are aligned...
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    Eureka Yellow jacket vacuum not working

    I had a 2013 Road Warrior. We had some issues with the vacuum working correctly - the metal ring that Dan refers to can be temperamental at times. Clean up the connections, and if all else fails, you may need to turn it on/off via the breaker in the fuse panel.