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    Sanitizing water system

    PUROGENE…the best water tank purifier out there!! Developed for the marine industry it does not use bleach - which takes forever to flush out and is bad on your seals. It uses lemon juice to activate the chemical in it and 1 flush and you’re done.
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: NV, Las Vegas - 10/14/2021 to 10/17/2021

    We are in. Reservations made with Kevin for the 13th till the 17th. 😁
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    Announcement - Retirement of Club President

    Congratulations on the finish of this chapter. Hope to be able to celebrate with you sometime!! Good luck on whatever path you go down next. Ann and Rick
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: CA, Pala - 10/20/2021 to 10/24/2021

    Bill - I know you’ve been terribly busy with the four letter thing….but wanted to offer our help in anyway we can for the rally. We are coming in a few days early and have nothing planned. Please let us know what we can do Ann and Rick Haddock
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    In Memory of Frank Baker

    My condolences to Debbi and the whole Baker family. Frank was definitely one of a kind and his spirit will be missed
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    Prayers for Frank Baker

    My thoughts and prayers for Frank and Debbie during this trying time. His Margaritaville has been visited by many of us.
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: MI, Marshall - 6/23/2021 to 6/27/2021

    Well this rain soaked rally just finished and it was a ball. Even though things had to be rearranged and even cancelled, everyone seemed to make the best of the breaks in the storms. Met lots of people and can now put faces with names. Thank you sooo much Jo and Don for you hospitality and Gerry...
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    Should we upgrade

    We recently went through this same dilemma..even went so far as to go to a dealer (T&S) to purchase a new LM. On the way there i was really stressing and it finally dawned on me it was because i really wasn’t wanting a new rig. Yes - the 10’ more would have been nice when parked, yes - the 3rd...
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    Has anyone swapped out furniture for Lambbright?

    We have new Lambright sofa’s on order as we speak!! Really excited to get really good quality and comfort in our rig. BTW - anything ordered right now will not be ready until August - they are that busy. You can always buy off the showroom floor but for ordering you need to give them lots of...
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    Back, like the proverbial bad Penny :)

    Costco online has LION Energy Lithium batteries on sale right now for $1399 for a pair. This sale ends soon though. Ours are due to arrive today!!
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: NJ, Blairstown - 8/27/2021 to 8/29/2021

    Yes - first NJ rally 😊. We are trying to make a swing of the NE this summer if the doctor’s cooperate!!
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: NJ, Blairstown - 8/27/2021 to 8/29/2021

    We have our fingers crossed that we can join you at this rally. Waiting to see the results of some tests and then will figure out the rest of our summer plans. 🤞🏼
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: MI, Marshall - 6/23/2021 to 6/27/2021

    If you will have us - we would like to come to your rally along with our friend and her SOB. Will make reservations tomorrow morning (unless you tell us to go home!!)