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Thread: Fiberglass Luan

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    Fiberglass Luan

    Crazy question. What & where is the fiberglass Luan located on the 2009 3950 Cyclone??

    Thanks Bill

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    I've always thought "Luan" was the term for plywood. It's a smooth surface on both sides with no knots or fillers. The exterior walls are fiber galss coated Luan. Some are gelcoat (smooth & shiny) and some are a slightly textured fiberglass surface. The interior Luan walls are coated with wallpaper/vinyl material to give it a "painted" appearance. Both the exterior and interior walls are laminated to the aluminum frame with styrofoam insulation in between.
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    yes, luan is made into plywood. It is a type of "Philipine mahogany" which is not a true mahogany.
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