NON pre wired rear camera on Big Country

Hello, I have just purchased a 2016 Big Country 3650RL. I was wondering if anyone has mounted a non prewired camera onto the back fiberglass cap on the rear?

I have a 5" Furrion shark fin rear camera which I though about mounting below the center marker light using that for a power source then carefully drilling into the fiberglass and gorilla cement mounting 4 screw anchor points to mount the camera mount.

Has anyone done something similar being this model year camper did not come pre wired.

Thanks for any help or advice.


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yes, a camera can be mounted to the end cap on the rv, and power can be drawn from the light wire....

Not all wireless cameras will maintain a signal to the back of a 5th wheel, so wired types are the general recommendation....

OR, for a "wired install", a camera wire can be run from the camera mounting, down thru the end cap, to exit down near the frame, then ran forward along the frame (being hidden and secured as much as possible, ALWAYS leaving a bit of slack along the way) then up into the "generator" area, to be ran thru the overhang to exit near the pin box, where a tail as long as the light wire will be left to take the plug connection that will be needed to join the camera wiring coming from the truck...