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Thread: Be Careful of Well Meaning Helpers

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    Be Careful of Well Meaning Helpers

    Hi All, Since Ann and I are fulltime campground host I thought I would share a little story with you concerning having friends help you set up your rig in the campground. We had some folks (2 couples) come in our campground and the owner of the rig had his friend help him set up due to them wanting to get back on the road in a hurry to get to some yard sales in the area. So, his friend not knowing exactly what to do and things not being labeled properly he hooked the fresh water line up to the "blackwater flush" and off they went to their yard sales. A couple of hours later we were on one of our patrols and noticed a large cascade of water coming from their 5th wheel from the front door all the way up thru the storage door area. Needless to say they had a mess when they returned we had turned off the water at the faucet when we saw this but they had gallons of waste water running thru their coach it had filled the black water tank and was flowing out of the toilet all over the coach. So, two things I would suggest don't use help unless you're sure they know what you need done, and label your hook up points. Happy Camping

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    Boy do I agree with your post!

    The problem I have found with "helpers" is that they disrupt the flow of our normal procedures.....this can easily cause things to be missed or occur out of sequence. I know they mean well.....but I just politely say "thanks for the offer, but we have it under control".
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