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Thread: New 3010 & backup camera

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    New 3010 & backup camera

    We have just ordered our new 3010 and I wondered if any of you owners have installed a wireless backup camera system and if so, what system?

    Thanks in advance

    Jim in Gig Harbor, Wa

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    Re: New 3010 & backup camera

    Hello congrats.. On the the new rig.. If you trust other people to work on the trailer.. I would recommend taking it to best buy.. That's what I did they had all the part and the right connections to do the job right I've been using it for three years now and don't have a problem yet... They had a license plate cam for 99 bucks that works pretty good.. The only thing that I was going to do in the future was to get one that will mount to the top of the unit between the ramp door and the top molded piece so I would have a better view in the back...

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