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Thread: 1/2 ton truck and North Country 30 BHS

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    Re: 1/2 ton truck and North Country 30 BHS

    Quote Originally Posted by gsglawson View Post
    Newbie here so still learning. If his truck can tow 9400lbs and his dry weight is 7200lbs wouldn't that leave him 2000lbs or so for food, water, gear, etc?
    Yes and No. Paper wise, yes. Real world, No. You really need to have the trailer wieghed to get the actual dry weight. Everything, including the hitch, counts towards trailer weight and that gets eaten up fast as some manufactures do not include propane and battery. For example: 2 30lb propane tanks= 150lbs, full water= 400lbs, good battery= 70lbs, spare tire and mount= 100lbs. As you can see, almost half of the trucks "extra" capacity has been used up. If the dry weight was wrong on the low side, it eats even more! You have to do your math to see if your cabable of towing the trailer within the trucks rated capacities. or to make it really easy, look for trailers that thier max capacity doesn't exceed your trucks tow capacity

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    Re: 1/2 ton truck and North Country 30 BHS

    Take it all across the scale. both dry and after you have loaded with your gear and passengers. This will help you figure out where you need to be weightwise.
    Just don't plan on traveling to mountainous areas and prepare to take your time getting to your destination. Tires are probably only rated for 65 MPH anyways.

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    I had a 08 Chevy Avalanche and a 30USBH. To big for that. Bought a GMC Yukon 2500. Works great but gets 8mpg. Just bought a 38QBBH. GMC still pulls it though I have a seasonal site now.

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