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Haven't had any issues so far this year. I would suggest anyone owning one of these campers take a little time to check the shower drain. On the front of the shower pan is a small access panel with 4 screws that allows you to make a visible inspection from inside the camper. ONly takes a couple of minutes to put yourself at ease.

On another note, I see you're on Seneca!. We are on west side of Cayuga. And for the Heartland people, there are 3 park models at our campground - a 2010 FLSS Cedar Ridge, Our 2012 FKSS Country Ridge, and a spanking new FKSS Fairfield on seasonal sites....
Looked at a2013 Fairfield FKSS. Was not very impressed. The 2011 has much nicer interior, a bathroom door that swings in (instead of out like the 2013s, what was Heartland thinking) and the 2013 has cheesy plastic bathroom faucets unlike the brushed nickel in the 2011. One other thing, the backsplash in the new units have wallpaper made to look like tile..... Very cheap.

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