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Thread: Wondering about the sliding patio door option

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    Wondering about the sliding patio door option

    Does anyone have any information regarding the sliding patio door option? I am interested in the 3795 with a patio door, but I'd like to know if anyone has heard anything about how well they hold up. Any info you have would be appreciated.

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    Hi. I would like to know the answer to this, too. My family and I are looking to buy a new Cyclone, and I want the new 3850 model. I hope it is safe. It looks great, and the fact that it would tie the garage space to the living area is an outstanding idea. So spacious, yet seperate. I love the thought of it. Still, would maybe want to have curtains up for privacy, if the garage area was open. It's something to consider...

    We're going to the RV show in Houston this Feb. I hope they have the model we want there for the show. We will be ready to buy it then.

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    We have a 2009 3795 with the sliding glass door option and love it. We replaced the vertical shades with a fabric shower curtain - looks letter, and more durable. It's great to have the curtain open when you want to make the living area look bigger (when the rear ramp is open it seems like the unit is huge). And, it's nice to be able to pull the curtain and glass door closed when the kids are in the garage beds sleeping and we want to stay up later. Only problem I've seen so far (had the unit since August 2008) is that the sliding screen door doesn't stay on track or slide real well. Just have to be careful with it.
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    I think yours just need some adjustment. I have the 3850 and mine slides just fine ( just make sure we lock it when hauling) . I love having it open and the rear open to get a nice fall breze through the hauler. Plus it makes the living room seem so much bigger.

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