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Thread: Wagging the tow vehicle

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    Wagging the tow vehicle

    It's hard to tell for sure, but it looks like no sway control, driver hit the brakes, and maybe even trailer too long for the TV.

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    I have been told if that starts to happen to you that you can hit your trailer brakes manually and keep on the accelerator on the TV and that will help to straighten you out. I hope and pray I never have to try to see if it works.
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    You always want to hit the gas never the brakes when your trailer starts to sway like that. The trailer brake only way help. Just do not use the TV brakes. HIT THAT GAS A LITTLE. Then slow down after she get straight again
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    I went into a tail-wagging with a load of lumber on a 10 foot trailer going downhill on a two lane road one time. Shortened my life 10 years and darn near ended it. There were no trailer brakes and let me tell you the hardest thing to do is speed up when you want to stop. I was going from one side of the road to the other and cars were peeling off coming down the other side of the hill. I stomped the gas and it started to slowly straighten out going up the other side of the hill. An experience I'll never forget.

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    I know that "clean your shorts" feeling, too!! Many, many moons ago before I really knew anything about towing, ("If it has a hitch ball I can tow with it!"), I had a similar incident.

    We hooked up the "homemade" car trailer to the newest truck in our arsenal, an '85 F150 300ci w/granny 4spd, because it had a class III receiver! We were into demolition derbys back then (so you know what shape the trailer was in...JUNK, but it had brakes...Surge brakes!

    We loaded our prized find, a '73 Chrysler Imperial.."The Tank". Of course we loaded it incorrectly..way to heavy on the tongue. Threw on a couple safety chains and down I-70 towards Frederick, MD we headed. After slugging up Braddock Mtn we (I) coasted down the other side trying to cool off the Inline-6. Cruising right along....until everyone in front of us saw Maryland's finest sitting at the bottom with radar... CRAP, BRAKE CHECK!

    Remember I said we had surge brakes? I learned right then and there that they are absolutely no help when there is 4500+ lbs of car & trailer "wagging" your little 1/2 ton downhill at 60-70 mph! Luckily the shoulder was open and I was able to get it under control. We were lucky that no one was killed that evening!

    This is probably why I am over-conservative when it comes to matching a TV with trailer nowadays.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmgratz View Post
    I have been told if that starts to happen to you that you can hit your trailer brakes manually and keep on the accelerator on the TV and that will help to straighten you out. I hope and pray I never have to try to see if it works.
    I've only been in a "started-to-sway" situation once about 15 years ago. Trailer brakes and acceleration pulled me out of it. It was more than a bit scary (and no sway control at the time).

    It does seem counter-intuitive to go for the gas, but I'm a believer. I've also become a believer in the right hitch setup, proper loading, weight limits, etc. Doing it right is really cheap insurance.

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    I am sitting here trying to catch my breath just thinking about this subject. I pulled a 21' TT with a 73 elcamino that was fun. That TT wagged the Elcamino pretty hard more than once was that scarry. I learned to go slow and activate the trailer brakes when it started. It wasn't long before the Elcamino was gone in favor of a 3/4 ton chevy truck. Life was much better after that. So on down the line I got a 24' 5th wheel and a 98 dodge 1500 4wd. so much better than the TT. I like to ride dirt motorcycles so I welded on a couple of recievers to the back and fabricated a real nice rack to hold 2 dirt bikes. So first trip out 55 mph crusing down the highway looking forward to a nice outing the 5ver started wagging just like the old TT I hit the 5ver breaks to straighten it out and slowed way down after that. That was the last time I used the motorcycle rack. I kept it for what I am not sure especially since that 5ver is gone in favor of the BH. I just don't like sore butt muscles from all of that worrying I was so tight going down the road. Now it is by the book and I feel comfortable towing again.

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