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Thread: Winterizing Big Country

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    Re: Winterizing Big Country

    I used about 2 1/3 gallons of the pink stuff to do our 34-foot Prowler.
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    Winterized 3950FB Big Country in storage with no electricity!

    11/8/2018. We live in Granbury, TX up by Fort Worth and 34 degrees is forecast off and on, so decided it was time to winterize just in case.
    Evan said "This next blast is coming from the Canadian Arctic" and that pushed me into action. We love Evan. Here's a link:
    We own a 2018 Big Country 3950FB with Splendide washer/dryer and residential fridge. I used 4.5 Gals of antifreeze and took about 3 hours
    mainly because it was my first time and I was doing it by myself. What made this interesting is that I had no electricity to plug into
    just used the inverter to run fridge first, then the Splendide second, with an extension cord hanging out the master bath window and
    connected to inverter. I did this at the storage area. I had the truck plugged in to the RV and running all during this. The truck brings the 2
    batteries voltage from 12.65V to 13.35V in about 2-3 minutes.

    I first ran out the bed and kitchen slides and turned on the inverter. I emptied the Flow-Pur water filter canister and removed the filter.
    Filling up the water filter canister with antifreeze is OK because this antifreeze will be used for the p-traps later so no antifreeze is wasted.
    I filled my 3 gal air compressor at the house and adjusted output pressure to 40psi. The 110V outlet in the 2018 Duramax supplies 1.2 amps, not enough.
    I connected air fitting to the city water inlet and set the Anderson Valve to City.

    I ran air through everything starting with kitchen sink and a lot of water came out. (Fresh water tank and water heater drained).
    The fridge was on and I emptied the water dispenser and cycled the ice cube mechanism several times. I then shut off the water line to fridge under the sink
    and turned off the fridge. You don't want to run pink stuff through your fridge. Hard to purge and creates a mess in ice maker. Had to go back home and re-charge
    the air compressor. I forgot to shake out the fridge water filter so I'll go back this PM.

    Next, added antifreeze mainly for the Splendide hot, cold and rinse solenoids. Set Anderson to winterize. A lot of folks are satisfied with only a blow out.
    I am very glad I decided to run antifreeze because a lot of water came out first of all faucets and commodes and Splendide even after blowing it dry.
    The hardest part was priming the water pump. Once the water pump engaged, I had to add to the 2.5 gal jug several times.

    I set the Splendide to "3" both hot and cold, observed antifreeze entering drum, added a quart in the drum and selected spin cycle and heard the antifreeze drain out.
    And that about sums it up. Thanks to all the help this user group provides and all the HUG manuals. The most challenging tasks where the
    water pump prime and Anderson valve because it seems just a 1/8th turn left or right opens water ways.

    Another thing I forgot to do was add antifreeze to the black and grey flush outs, empty holding tanks and leave valves open. So got to go back this PM.

    Happy camping!
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