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Thread: Repairs

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    How fast does Heartland fix any repairs that needs to be done?

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    Re: Repairs

    Hello wildejbird and welcome to this great forum.
    Repairs are normally done by the selling dealer.

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    Re: Repairs

    Quote Originally Posted by cookie View Post
    Hello wildejbird and welcome to this great forum.
    Repairs are normally done by the selling dealer.

    True enough. Our Big Horn needed several ‘adjustments’, but I did those all myself to save time and I felt better about the repair; and in a couple instances Heartland sent me the parts. For a couple bigger jobs, I used a Heartland approved mobile RV serviceman. Saved me time and I could watch the repair process. I did have to pay the mobile tech $75.00 for the field call, but was well worth it. I never saw the dealer after I drove away with the unit, but Heartland did work well with me for any parts I needed while under warranty.
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    Re: Repairs

    The entire RV industry is struggling with dealer turnaround time on repairs and it's a major focus for the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). It's one of the top 10 news stories cited by RVIA. Here's a link.

    As mentioned earlier, with prior approval from Heartland, you can use a mobile or independent servicer for warranty work. They're usually much faster than dealers because the techs are not tied up on delivering new units for sale.

    Heartland is more flexible on this than most manufacturers.

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    Re: Repairs

    As Dan recommended, I too would recommend finding a reputable RV service/repair center that does not sell rv's. Heartland will allow you to take your rig to any repair facility and just get pre-approval prior to getting any repairs done. A repair facility generally does not have the space or want your RV sitting in their lot, so they are generally way more efficient at scheduling work and getting it done quickly. Heartland is one of the only large manufacturers that I know of that allows this. Just make sure that before ANY work is done, you have the repair facility call Heartland Customer Service with the last 6 of your VIN, your name and give them the complaint, cause and correction for pre-approval.


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    Re: Repairs

    Unfortunately the RV industry struggles the most with repairs in general. Because of the last few years, growing numbers of rv sales there are a lot of new rv owners out there and a lot more rvs that need repairs. RV dealers in some cases will not work on an rv they did not sell. I hope this changes in the future.
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    Re: Repairs

    I too have made my own repairs to several items on our TT. Heartland service/parts departments were very helpful. If I need a part they had it to me in a couple of days. So if you have the skill, you can make the repair yourself or use a mobile tech, if any in your area, or Heartland will with prior approval allow you to use a local repair facility that if need be. When I asked Heartland service they gave me names of local repair facilities the work with so I wouldn't have to drive 1 1/2 hours to the Camping World I purchased from.

    As for repair timeframe, it depends on the repair facility workload and their integrity to take care of a customer.
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