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Thread: New travel trailer most windows leaking

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    Re: New travel trailer most windows leaking

    Use wide blue 3M mastic tape as a temporary fix, not Eternabond. Eternabond does not come off easily. The blue tape will stay put for quite a while.

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    Re: New travel trailer most windows leaking

    [QUOTE=boatto5er;622094]If properly caulked, youíll be able to see the caulk around the top and upper sides of the window outside. They are not caulked all the way done. That is intentional. Letís any moisture from condensation out from behind the window. If you canít see any caulk around the exterior of the window, get some ProFlex and alloy it to the top and down the sides about half way.

    From what I can tell they are caulked. I'm shortish lol and even on 2 step step ladder I cant see top. Taking it to a dealer in a few weeks when hubs gets his lay off so until then I'm taping them up best I can

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    Re: New travel trailer most windows leaking

    The caulking around the windows will be between the window frame and wall. It may be white or clear in color, it may look like a strip of white chalky toothpaste or a clear strip of toothpaste (yes I know toothpaste is not clear but you get the idea). As others have said it should go from the bottom side of the window, up around the top of window and down other side but not the very bottom as this is where the weep holes are. If there is NO caulking take pictures and keep them to show your dealer and heartland.

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    Re: New travel trailer most windows leaking

    FWIW, we had a leak around one of our small bedroom windows in the slide out that I could not find. There was caulking around the window, but only about halfway down each side and across the top. I knew that they left the bottom open for possible condensation drainage so was hesitant about adding more caulking. Finally, out of frustration. I went out and stood watching the area during a fairly heavy downpour. What I saw was the water running off the top of the slide started down the side of the slide in a steady stream and, for no noticeable reason, suddenly made a sharp turn towards the window, hitting the frame near where the caulking ended. After things dried out, I extended the caulking around the bottom curves of the frame, leaving 3/4ths of the bottom open. No more, don't dismiss the possibility of the leak occurring if you see some caulking.
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