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Thread: Just bought a new Cyclone 4005

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    Re: Just bought a new Cyclone 4005

    Congratulations on your new fifth wheel.
    Plan for alot of fun. Heartland warranty was excellent call them directly with your Vin # and always get pre-approved for all warranty
    Personally I would suggest that you do a walk-through inspection before you sign. Have the deal hook up city water and electricity.
    Look for water leaks , AC running correct. Hot water heater working on both ac and lp. Slides opening and closing. Hydraulic system running correct. Check all slides for proper movement in and out as well as the proper stow position.

    As far as the extended warranty, I purchased Cornerstones 5 year Extended warranty two days before the MFG warranty expired. This allowed me to have the full 5 years of coverage.
    I paid $1800.00 and cornerstone was excellent. They fixed everything to include five AC units , the norcold 1210 replacement, the tv and hot water heater. They spent over ten thousand.
    I can only speak from my experience and with the contract that I had at that time as it was written then.
    The did send a private inspector each time ( adjuster) but always fixed it.

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    Re: Just bought a new Cyclone 4005

    The extended warranties are good to have unfortunately we canít get them to cover anything structurally. Weíre having major issues with our Cyclone. Walls and pop down porch. The door is warped and the hinges look like they stripped them out when they actually mounted the door. But thatís nothing compared to the issue were having with Dexter axles. Weíve lost brakes on this coach five times. Iíve never had a structural problem with a coach or trailer before. Read the warranty paperwork closely! Weíre pushing $9000 in repairs right now.

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