1. T

    Solar help/general info, please!

    I just purchased a 2020 Heartland Mallard M33. Let me start by saying I'm RV stupid, for the most part. This is my first RV, and the electrical components are where I'm struggling. When not plugged in, I understand it runs off battery, and not all things work. It seems my lights and slides are...
  2. Z

    Lithium Ion LiFePO4

    I want to upgrade my batteries on my 2015 RS3270 Bighorn RV, but I am not sure if I need to upgrade my converter/charger that came with the RV. Does anyone know if the stock converter that came with the RV in 2015 can be used on the Lithium Ion batteries. Thank you
  3. ronbro

    inverter/charger questions

    Have an 2011 Bighorn 3610RE. It has a Cummins Onan model 5.5 GJAB Generator (runs off propane) which I rarely use. I run it usually once each summer for an hr but not the 1hr per month as stated in the manual. it has a Magnum Model ME2012 inverter charger c/w ME_RC remote control it also has an...
  4. dalezcar

    House Battery Questions

    We recently purchased a 2019 Big Horn Traveler. We are pretty sure the house batteries that were installed when we originally looked at it were swapped out with some not so great ones. We can't find a lot of information on the brand that is there now. It's RoadHawk. We are wondering what is...
  5. OSIN

    2017 Landmark Syracuse with AM Solar 1080W

    We're looking for a used Heartland MPG to tow behind our Jeep for local adventures so we can also stay in the Heartland Family (do you know anyone). We've changed our Main Living rig to a Foretravel Diesel Pusher. That being said our Landmark is for sale. You can view Photos and Extended...
  6. R

    Adding Better Batteries / Possibly Solar

    We recently purchased a new 2015 3570RS 5th wheel and were having issues with the batteries not holding a charge. We have the residential fridge but we did not use the inverter and so that is not adding to the issue. Basically after 2 days on shore power and the RV battery indicator showing...
  7. C

    Battery vs. 110

    Just bought a 2012 Big Country 32' fifth wheel. This is my SEVENTH RV so I'm not completely new at this. Problem is, I didn't get any of the owner's manuals and that offers some challenges. Most recently, I'm not getting 12V power to my lights inside, but the landing gear and slides work on...
  8. R

    Electrical System Upgrade Plan

    Hi all, :) This subject actually involves 120 Volt AC, 12 Volt DC, and Inverters/Converters all in one subject but I posted it here for lack of a better idea. Basically I'm looking for input from anyone who has performed all or some of my proposed modifications. I've attached a scan of a...
  9. MystrMagic

    How long can I run things without the generator?

    Hello everyone. I'm planning to add several batteries to my new 3914 because it seems to make sense to have additional power, but as this is my first RV I don't really know what all actually runs on batteries. Obviously the 12v lights do, and the radio, the fridge (optionally), and a couple of...
  10. MystrMagic

    Add Inverter & batteries to 3914... comments?

    Recently bought a new, 2009 model year 3914 and was considering adding solar panels and batteries because I have previous experience with solar systems. However, learned that my tow vehicle actually charges the battery in my 3914 when driving down the road, and the generator charges it at night...
  11. M

    Dead Batteries

    Hello all, I went to check on the tt the other day as it's been in storage for about three months. I noticed the batteries are dead. I assume they will re-charge like normal once plugged back in to either the truck or house, right? Thanks, Mo
  12. Y

    Need Help Pairing 6 Volt Batteries

    I had the dealer install 2 6 volt batteries before I picked up the Cyclone. I want to add 2 additional 6 volts. The mounting and wiring is no problem but am not sure about compatibility. The new batteries are Trojans T-125's. Here are the numbers off the batteries. Hope they make sense to...
  13. flyfishing48

    Adding batteries ?

    I did a search in this forum and found zip. I am looking for ideas to add 1 or more batteries. The drop down battery box in my coach makes adding a second or third battery a little more difficult. I am wondering what others have done. If anyone has gone the 6 volt route I would like to hear...
  14. wdk450

    Bargain Deep Cycle Batteries in Northern Ca.

    Gang: I came across this ad on Craigslist Sacramento today. "EnerSys Genesis XE70X Lead Acid Batteries. Nonspillable. (Note: These are not standard Autotmotive batteries) They are for special applications...(storage, deep cycle, solar, wind, hybrid, gas to electric conversions) if you don't...
  15. C

    boil the batteries ?

    My wife was reading reading in the AAA magazine that if you left the trailer plugged in all the time it would overcharge and boil the batteries. It also said there were exceptions. Are the Cyclones OK to keep plugged in so the batteries stay charged until use ?
  16. W

    Strange issue with batteries

    As I write this, we're at a campground that has 30A service and are plugged in. For some strange reason that someone here might know, our batteries do not show as fully charged. It's very cloudy and we're in a shady spot, and the solar charge controller says the batteries are at about 60%...
  17. C

    Battery quick disconnect

    Has anyone installed a quick disconnect to disable batteries while rig is in storage? I have a 26RKS and it a pain (literally, to the fingers) to remove battery case strap to undo battery cable and then replace it when we're ready to go on the road. I could remove the fuse for radio, propane...
  18. A


    Looking for some suggestions for new Batteries. We don't boon-dock and I don't think I need Golf Cart Batteries. Has anyone had any experience with Optima Blue Top Batteries? Any suggestions appreciated.
  19. J

    charging batteries

    We have a stand alone generator that we occassionally use with our Bighorn. The house batteries never seem to take a good charge with the generator but do with the truck connection or 110 at home. We are thinking about buying new quiet Honda generator. Is there something extra that we need to...
  20. R

    How to charge house batteries off of truck update

    I have checked the truck and power is working on it so it is a trailer problem. It does not look like a charging wire is hooked to the battery. Where could I find out how to find and hook up the charging wire?
  21. R

    How to charge house batteries off of truck

    We have a 2010 Bighorn 3670RL and a 2009 Dodge 3500. What do I need to do to get the truck to charge the trailer batteries while driving?
  22. J

    Solar, add a Battery and master switch

    I currently have one battery in my Bighorn 3055. I have gen prep in the front storage area which has a battery box in place. I want to add either a 12 volt battery or two new 6volt golf cart batteries(trojan t-105) and a solar panel to keep it topped off when not at the camper. I assume that...
  23. B


    Went to pick up the 3670 after have it sit for a couple of weeks. I have NO DC power at all. Baateries are flat as can be. Hooked up to the truck and still nothing. Tries a little porta power pack to the batteries, cannot even get a kight to light. I am wondering if I have lost the 12 volts...
  24. W

    Solar and batteries

    We have 2 x 110W solar panels on our 3055RL, and 2 x 6V golf cart batteries, and the batteries don't seem to be charging. Our unit is stored outside and we've had some nice sunny weather here this past week. Nothing in the trailer is on, from what I can tell, so nothing should be draining power...
  25. J

    Does the 2009 Bighorn come with 2 batteries

    I was talking to a guy with a 3400RL and he indicated that he had 2 batteries. There is a compartment in the generator garage but no second battery. Please confirm. I have a 3055RL 2009
  26. C

    Diesel Boys, check those batteries!

    While in Parker AZ. my DIC said "service 4 WD. Took it to the dealer and they said I had to have the computer re-programed. OK $177. Going home the cab rear view mirror went black. They are also computer controlled so I called them. Said to bring it in the next day. Next day mirror worked on its...
  27. J

    Battery Maintenance / Watering with 6 volt batteries

    Is anyone running two 6 volt batteries in series in their Landmark? I have 2 Trojan T-105s and I am considering a battery watering system. I don't care for the price of the system but I favor the convenience and safety of such a system. Anyone have experience with wet cells like this and...