1. ENBP

    Spencer, Indiana - Hickory Hills Camp Resort

    This is a family friendly camp resort that is usually open from the second week of April through the second week of October. We started seasonal camping there in 2018. We have a 2016 Heartland Big Country - 43'. We were able to fit into a spot available. We then moved to a new seasonal spot...
  2. M

    Taking Submissions for Campground Ideas on Facebook!

    Good morning Heartland RVers! We're taking submissions and suggestions for great places to camp or boondock on our Facebook page. Please feel free to reply with photos on here, Facebook, or by email to with ideas. Thanks! :) Campground Ideas from our Owners...
  3. M

    Happy Friday before the 4th! Where are you camping this weekend?

    Hello Heartlanders! Where are you #Camping this weekend? I'm looking for great photos for our social media pages. We will be sure to give credit where due. Thanks! Best regards, Marie Pennington Social Media Specialist Heartland RVs
  4. bwyatt1962

    Americamps Lake Gaston, VA.

    This was our first trip in our new Wilderness 3150DS, but we love the camp ground. We arrived New Years Eve 2105 and stayed thru to Jan. 4th. We loved the camp ground and plan to come back sometime in the spring. Very nice and knowledgeable staff for first timers RVers.
  5. G

    Enjoying Shasta-Trinity and Lake Shasta Heartland Owners Family - My wife, Sheri and I had the privilege of spending several outing and a wonderful campground right on Shasta Lake Recently, the Antlers Marina and Resort acquired the RV Resort next door. The RV Resort offers sites for the small and...
  6. P

    Movin' On Up

    My wife and I have been tent trailer campers for almost the past 30 years. Lately, we (or I) have been looking at moving up to a hard sided RV. Last year we looked at quite a few travel trailers in the 18-22 foot category. We were recently on a family camping trip to Newport, Oregon and had...
  7. J

    Hey Passport America members…. Got an iPhone?

    Hey Passport America members…. Got an iPhone? Check out the Campground Finder App from PPA:
  8. R

    New to camping and to Heartland

    Just bought a North Country 30BHS....impressed with the product so far, can't wait for the new camping season. Any comments on the 30BHS? Thanks.
  9. Jim-n-Leslie

    Camping at Cherrystone, 7/31-8/07

    Leslie and I are camping at Cherrystone Campground at Cheriton, VA on the Eastern Shore with an arrival date of 31 July and a departure date of 7 August. A very family-oriented campground (their amenities) :), you can look at what they have to offer at They are not the...
  10. truknutt

    2010 Washington (DC) Camping and RV Expo

    Next weekend is the 24th Annual Washington Camping RV Expo at the Dulles Expo Center. Here is the link to the exhibitor list.
  11. W

    Just found article on winter camping

    Hi everyone, I just stumbled on what looks like good information on winter camping. Some great ideas here: Hope this helps someone. Cheers, Chris
  12. K

    New to Camping and Working

    Need some advice ... we're hoping to begin work and camping in the spring, but, big but --- we have two elderly dogs. Is it possible to workcamp with our dogs? And how the heck do we find out about possible jobs? My searches are coming up empty. Hopeless dream, I hoep not? Thanks, Karen
  13. G

    Camping in Winter

    If you are camping during the winter months, and the temperature gets down to freezing during the night, how do you prevent damage to your water system?
  14. boatto5er

    Camping at Jellystone - Camp Luray

    Debra and I, along with Roger and Kelly Beasley (and kids), will be at the Jellystone - Camp Luray campground Oct 10 - 12 (We can't get in until Sat, Beasley's are going in Fri). We would love to have anyone join us. Sites are very limited for bigger rigs, may have to check back for cancellations.
  15. TRAVELER07

    Working Camping in the Rio Grand Valley Tx

    Hello, We are in Roma,Tx and staying at a very nice quiet Texas State Park,Falcon State Park which is on the International Falcon Reservoir and Falcon Dam stop by and say hi it is in the 90's here. TRAVELER07
  16. S

    Camping World Kicks Heartland out in Texas

    I Called the Camping World in Katy Tx. today to get a part for my Northtrail Coach. They told me they no longer service or have anything to do with Heartland:mad: Now this puts me in a bid mess !!! I bought my coach from Camping World and now they tell me I'm SOL !!!!!! There isn't another...
  17. L

    Warranty - Is Camping World Cut Off?

    I have been trying for months to get work and parts for my Cyclone 4012. No Luck as of yet. The latest i have heard from Heartland and Camping World is that the latter has been "cut off" on all items. How do I get my parts? I have been told by the factory and Camping World that my work and...
  18. L

    Check into Warranty Status before you by- Camping World

    I have been trying for months to get work and parts for my Cyclone 4012. No Luck as of yet. The latest i have heard from Heartland and Camping World is that the latter has been "cut off" on all items. How do I get my parts? I have been told by the factory and Camping World that my work and...
  19. I

    Camping World

    I am about to pull the plug and buy a 2009 Big Horn 3055RL. My question is about dealers, this is from Camping World in Katy TX. What sort of experience have you had with Camping World, in general? Thanks, John
  20. boatto5er

    Camping in the Rain

    It's a rainy, cool, gray, depressing sort of day in our nation's capitol:(. But I'm happy - headed out this afternoon for a weekend of camping. We'll probably get a little wet getting set up this evening, but it's supposed to start clearing off tomorrow morning. Ahhh - life is good!:)
  21. superduty08

    camping on the gulf

    We will be leaving for our annual camping trip to Camping On The Gulf in the Destin Fl area this Friday. We will be backing up to the the beach along with friends that we meet there each year. This will be year two for the BH. We saw one Heartland camper there last year but he was real down on...
  22. caokgafamily

    Major holiday camping Withdrawal..

    This is the first major holiday in 20+ years that we are not camping. The weekend hasn't even started and I'm going thru withdrawals. The BIGHORN is parked in the backyard and I hear her calling me. We get out all the time and have been twice since our big cross country 7000 mile trip this past...
  23. timdebs

    Camping at Bristol Motor Speedway

    For those of you who have never camped at Bristol Motor Speedway, it is crowded but it is FUN FUN FUN! Met some great people from Minnesota, Indianna, Missourri, and good ole Cherokee, NC (who owns a campground there)! It is definitely an experience!
  24. J

    Camping in De Pere, WI this weekend

    I am working my way towards the MI rally being held Aug 28-30. This Friday, I will be at the Apple Creek CG in De Pere, WI. Nancy is joining me there. I'll be there through Wednesday morning when I leave for MI. Nancy heads home :( Friday, we'll see Bob and Christina (seamo) at Apple Creek...
  25. bacaye

    Camping Clubs

    We are new Heartland Owners...(Big Country) and would like to know about your opinion of camping clubs. We have looked at a few online but not sure if one is better than another. If you have any opinions or ideas please let us know. Bacaye
  26. jimtoo

    Cajun Country Camping

    Hi Everyone, If your just need a little time to relax, fish, kickback and do nothing, with good food places nearby, this is the place if you like Cajun food and great company. This place was recommended to us by osims and we really like it. Space between sites, all are level, not to shaded...
  27. Jburks

    A little camping tale

    I have always been one to explore America first, so I thought I would share this story. My wife and I decided to take a trip across the U.S., after all this is a BIG COUNTRY to see and we wanted to see all the LANDMARKS while we are young enough to enjoy. We thought we would start in the...
  28. K

    Camping stuff to help a newbie

    We will be picking up our new cyclone 3950 next week. We have never owned a RV and are totally clueless.:confused: What are some things we will need or want that the dealer doesn't provide or tell you? Our salesman says it will have everything we need to get started. But I know that has to...
  29. kakampers

    Unique camping experience in Tennessee

    UPDATE: Unique Camping In TN While traveling back toward the east coast from Texas, we've had the pleasure of staying in a wonderfully unique RV Park in Unicoi, TN. Grand View Ranch RV Park is one of the most interesting camping experiences we've ever had. It is a working horse ranch...
  30. boatto5er

    Summer Camping Plans

    In case anyone is interested, here are Debra and my current plans for trips thru early summer. We would love to have anyone who would like to join up with us for all or part of any of these trips: Apr 29-May 3, Ocean Lakes Campground, Myrtle Beach, VA May 15-17, Virginia Samboree, Beth-Page...
  31. imchud

    seasonal camping

    This year will be the first time my wife and i try seasonal camping - which raise a few questions... When you leave the campground for a week or two do you shut down the frig? Do you pull in the slides? - Do you shut down the water heater? or what else I can't think of at this time...I guess...
  32. Rmcgrath53

    camping enjoyment

    WE are packing her up ,and can not wait till Sunday afternoon. We are going to Nc then over to Cumberland falls in Ky. We want to go right now but our son is in a play at church on Sunday, so we are waiting till then. I just really enjoy camping. We are stuck with each other and really bond...
  33. lmcclure

    Camping next week

    Going to Ripplin Waters Campground in Sevierville, Tennessee on Thursday April 9 through 11. Will be there with Good Sam Club from Chattanooga. Anyone interested in joining us come on. Don't have to join the club it is open to anyone that wants to have some fun. Might be a good time to meet...
  34. flyfishing48

    Yellowstone Camping

    Hi all, We are starting to plan a trip to yellowstone. Our first thought was to leave from the Michigan Chapter rally the end of August. I looked a some info online and I see a lot of the campgrounds close mid September. So that might not be such a good idea. Anyone on this forum have any...
  35. lmcclure

    Time to go Camping

    This weekend in South Eastern Tennessee we had some of the best weather. High was in upper 60's and sunshine Sat. and around 1pm on Sunday it came out again. Today is gonna be in 70's. Cleaned the truck and DW's car. Gonna wash the sundance today when I get home from errands. I am ready to...
  36. bigredtruck

    California Camping

    We are finally taking the plunge and going to Disneyland at Spring Break (I know it's a terribly busy time to go but I don't like the kids to miss school) We are taking the Cyclone (from Canada). Our first night will be in Medford, OR then we will head to Palm Springs to say hello to relatives...
  37. boatto5er

    Washington (DC) Camping and RV Expo

    Is at the Dulles Expo Center next weekend (Jan 16-18). Last year they filled both buildings. It'll be interesting if they do so again this year. It'll be close getting everyone out before the inauguration madhouse begins!
  38. I

    Camping world financing and the start of

    WHAT ELSE IS going to fall An interesting posting about new units be on dealer lots???
  39. P

    Camping in Door County

    Hi all, We are considering some camping up in Door County Wisconsin for next summer. I have read about the Wagon Trail Campground in Ellison Bay and wanted to know if anyone has spent time there and could give a recommendation. Also, any other recommendations for campgrounds in Door...
  40. Dmaxcc6spd

    Camping in the winter?

    Can it be done? We may order our Sundance in the next week. We were looking at RV for less in TN. If I recall correctly, Butch & Karen offer a night or two of free camping at a nearby campground. Is this bad in January? Are the units campable in these temperatures? Thanks from the new guy!