1. P

    Hard to believe but it will get warm again

    With the winter being so cold for so many people and people writing so many threads about water lines freezing, an air conditioning question seems inappropriate. However, this summer I will be in the southeast Oklahoma and northeast Texas area with only 30 amp service. So.... the issue of...
  2. TXBobcat

    It is hard to read.. Why??

    Ok.. I will probably get bit for this one but here goes. I am not... Repeat NOT pointing a finger at any specific person... OK.. I read this forum every day. Actually at least twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening at least.... I have found that a number of posts are one...
  3. C

    Newbie's Lesson Learned the Hard Way

    So you may know for my previous posts we had a challenge getting our Elkridge delivered from our dealer who will remain nameless. Today we got the 5th wheeler out of storage to practice basic operations. Our dealer review lasted 45 minutes with no practicing of hitching and unhitching and no...
  4. K

    Blank tank valve very hard to open/close

    Does anyone have any ideas or experience with the tank valves becoming extemely hard to open and or close, I am afraid that it is getting ready to break and I want to try to avoid it breaking with a tank full of trouble. Where, how would I gain access to the point where the valve opens and...
  5. dbylinski

    Hard Work Pays Off

    We cannot park our Bighorn in our yard as the community will not allow it. They do however provide a storage area. We were waxing and polishing getting ready to go to the VA Rally today. Went to park and realized that no matter how bad I hurt it was worth all the pain. We have to park next this...
  6. ziggy

    Hard to say goodbye

    Our 17yr old doxie, Ziggy, went to the Rainbow Bridge today. Life won't be the same without her. :(:(:( Kristy
  7. J

    2009 Bighorn 3370 - new on lot, available - hard to find!

    I don't normally get involved in outward sales like this but I just got wind of a Bighorn 3370 being available on a dealer lot. I mention this because this is a discontinued floorplan that I know a few people were bummed out about not being able to order one. I would not expect this unit to...
  8. leftyf

    Opening up your first VA Claim -- Now this is a hard one!!

    This is all it takes. One VA Form starts the ball rolling. In about 4 weeks you will start getting deluged with forms and checklists. Make sure you keep multiple copies of everything submitted. From personal experience, make sure you have a copy of your DD 214. They will not accept the...
  9. leftyf

    Truck Files

    The current seat in my new truck is not compatible with the Bruno poer pedestal. They want to sell you and entire seat with their logo emblazoned on it. They will not provide a seat without it...some vehicles can use their existing seat..but, not a Silverado. They make additional lifts and...
  10. J

    Trouble with Webhost - hard to get on the forum

    Hi everyone, Wanted to let everyone know that our web host starting to get flaky sometime yesterday. It started with user posts failing, then giving users a "duplicate post" error. This morning I could not get online at first. I kept getting 500, 501, 503 errors etc. We put a ticket into...
  11. F

    how hard is it to install a heat strip in AC unit?

    I have a Duo Therm Brisk Air 13.5 A/C unit with an option for a heat strip. I do not camp in cold weather very often but will be this fall for a long weekend. I have propane heat but would like to add the heat strip to my A/C unit. I am pretty handy but cannot find info online about...