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The current seat in my new truck is not compatible with the Bruno poer pedestal. They want to sell you and entire seat with their logo emblazoned on it. They will not provide a seat without it...some vehicles can use their existing seat..but, not a Silverado. They make additional lifts and some SCI-FI SuperGimp stuff.

So, after a little digging...this is what I found:


This does the same thing as the Bruno, at a better price and it uses existing seating. With the Bruno, I would have had to use a manual, unheated seat. When I pay for something, I want to use it.

Here is more information about this company. The first file shows all the vehicles that will allow the use of their pedestal and use existing seating.


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Bruno Lift -- The Hard Way...Thank You Texas!


I'd planned on putting this on for a "time when I needed it"...well, that time is now. It's either use this...or sprout wings and fly into the cab.


* Fully Powered - Makes lifting and storing your folding manual wheelchair inside the cab of your pickup virtually effortless (90 lb/41 kg lifting capacity)
* Available for passenger or driver side of vehicle
* Safe/Reliable - lifecycle and strength tested beyond industry standards
* No structural modifications to your vehicle - can be easily removed for vehicle resale
* Can reinstall in your next pickup truck
* Available for many different pickup trucks (click here to check with your local Bruno dealer to confirm compatibility with your vehicle)
* Custom, vehicle-specific mounting kits are available for an extra clean and precise installation
* Sales, installation and service provided by our factory-trained worldwide network of dealers
* Bruno Turning Automotive Seating™ (TAS™) complements your Cab-Sider for a total mobility solution
* Up to $1000 is available to help pay for a Curb-Sider lift through Mobility Reimbursement Programs.

State of Texas Mobility Reimbursement Program


Texas state residents who are disabled can claim exemption from motor vehicle sales and use taxes on new or used vehicles when adaptive equipment is installed for use by a disabled driver. The state sales tax applied to the cost of the adaptive equipment, or any charges for the installation of the equipment, may also be exempted. Claims can be made after the date of purchase. For more information, call the Controller of Public Accounts at 1-800-252-5555.

Check your state for similiar programs.



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I do have to say one thing about the local Bruno distributor. They ain't in no hurry. No hurry to return phone calls. No hurry to return email. No hurry to get information back to you.

BUT, they are more than ready to want to book an appointment to start the work. I don't think so. Not at $6,000 with me providing the seat! Uncle VA might have a thing to say about that.
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