1. S

    What’s the best truck to pull a BIGHORN?

    Friends, I’m truck shopping right now. I have a Bighorn Fifth-wheel 16,000lb gross weight. It would be moved rarely and we live in it full time in South Florida (city). I been looking at different trucks - but am wondering what successes you all been having pulling heavy fifth wheels. What truck...
  2. skozub01

    New Heartland owner - now new truck...advice?

    We just bought a 2018 Heartland Wilderness 2850BH and can't wait to hit the road. We've been researching and weighing options for nearly a year and we finally jumped in. The dry weight is 6,742 lbs, and the rig is 32' 9" long tip to toe. Currently we have a 2015 Toyota Tundra 4x4 but it's a...
  3. Mattman

    Mechanic thoughts needed. 2003 sierra

    Okay, so not my tow vehicle. But my Dad is having problems with his 2003 Sierra with the 5.3. We put a reader on it. Says mass flow sensor fault, as well as multiple Mis fires. He did a new MAS, plugs, wires, and fuel filter. Truck is still acting the same. At idle it is fine. Drive it down the...
  4. W

    Truck For Sale: 2009 GMC 2500

    2009 GMC 2500HD SLE Extended Cab Truck. Dura-Max diesel. Includes Reese 16K Kwik-Slide hitch. Fully equipped for towing--just hook up and go! Line-X spray-in bed liner and ACCESS Roll-up bed cover. One-owner vehicle. 37K miles. Located in Queenstown, MD. $29,900.
  5. triley2280

    F-150 Ecoboost

    We just bought a 2012 F-150 V6 ecoboost to pull our 30' Trail Runner. Anyone have experience with the turbo engine? I did quite a bit of research and they seem to be a no brainer for towing and gas mileage.
  6. L

    Just purchased 2011 - Road warrior rw 405 help need truck to haul it

    Hi all. Just purchased rw 405. We are seasonal campers however would like to travel once in a while with family. Looking for advice on best quad truck to pull the 5th wheel and haul wife and 3 kids Trying to keep cost under 15k. Also it seems the awning is quite long but put in a strange...
  7. M

    Truck Shell for 1997 Dodge

    We're in Northern CA (San Francisco Bay area) and hoping to find a shell for a '97 Dodge. PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks.
  8. D

    Cracks in truck tires

    Hello, I noticed some time back (months) that all 4 tires on my F-350 have cracks about 1 inch from the wheels, running all the way around the tire. Are these dangerous? The tires ar BF Goodrich Rugged Trail t/a, built 40/04, installed June/05. They have 40,000 miles, about 12,000 to 15,000...
  9. 4ever

    mud flaps for truck

    I notice when pulling my fiver I get a lot of dirt and road grit on the lower portion of my fiver. I have seen some trucks with the mud flaps the mount into the reciver hitch of the truck. Would like to hear from any of you that have them. Do they work well, do they fit good or are tey sloppy...
  10. W

    Enough truck

    We are planning to purchase a Landmark Pinehurst in early January and also order a 2010 Chevy 3500HD Duramax diesel. We have been told that we need the 3500 vs the 2500 Chevy, which increases the GVW from 9200 to 9900. We'd appreciate any feedback on this.
  11. I

    truck will tow, but it it breaks lose, run

    This I found from webshots. he's towing 2 trailers, (F350)no sway and no equailizers, ball hitch setup looks to be too light for this haul. first is a park model with a tow buddy pulling 2nd trailer.:eek: If it break loose some will suffer a major accident...
  12. H

    big horn truck graphics

    we have a 2006 big horn 3500rl and are looking for some pictures of truck graphics someone might of put on there truck. we have a 2006 250 diesel quad cab.thanks
  13. S

    Which Truck

    This is an ongoing issue, just thought I would throw it out for discussion. I currently have a 1999 F-250 that I purchased new and it has been the best truck I have ever owned. I will probably buy new in the next few years and go with a dually. If Ford still had the 7.3, it would be a...
  14. Rmcgrath53

    weight of truck

    Well just got done weighing my new to me truck. I have a large tool box and a Back Rack and every tool a carpenter can have in there, along with my hitch and a compressor. It weighed 8,660 lbs. I weighed my rig with my old 1 ton and had 2,500 lbs of pin weight from my 5er. The Gvwr on this truck...
  15. pmmjarrett

    Medium Duty Truck Air Ride Installation

    For those of you looking to step up to a medium duty truck, there are tons of trucks on the market at great prices right now but for medium duty class 4 - 6 trucks it is difficult to find one with air ride, especially if it has hydraulic brakes. There are several options out there to...
  16. Jim-n-Leslie

    Garmin nuvi 465T

    If you have not seen the new Garmin nüvi that is available, you should go to the Garmin site & check it out. I purchased the 465T a month ago, and it has been great! It runs in two modes - 'car' and 'truck.' In 'car' mode it operates like any other Garmin. You enter where you want to go, and it...
  17. jesslionberger

    Pin box catches the side of my truck bed

    I just bought a Cyclone 3950 and we are now in the learning curve of using it. Right off I experinced a problem while turning a semi tight corner. While I was watching to make sure the cab did not catch the trailer; the back of the pin box got into the rail on the side of my truck bed that is...
  18. V

    Truck Size... 3670RL..

    Wondering if half of those pulling a 3670RL are doing so with a 3/4 ton truck or does anyone use that size for this trailer, but does anyone use at least a 1 ton or larger?? Just curious as I do see the F250's being used for this size trailer and was just wondering how normal this is??
  19. lrmike

    I need help checking a truck in Port Richey, FL

    I found a nice tow rig I'm very interested in purchasing, but I have just one small problem - it is 800 miles away! :eek: The truck is in Port Richey, FL and I am in Williamsburg, VA. I thought I would give it a shot to see if someone on here might be able to give it a look over for me next...
  20. lrmike

    Can someone check out a truck in Port Richey, FL?

    I found a nice tow rig I'm very interested in purchasing, but I have just one small problem - it is 800 miles away! :eek: The truck is in Port Richey, FL and I am in Williamsburg, VA. I thought I would give it a shot to see if someone on here might be able to give it a look over for me next...
  21. R

    plug from trailer to truck

    hey all, we have switched from a 35 River Canyon 5th wheel to 32QBSS trailer. I currently have the 5th wheel plug in receptacle under rear bumper of truck, found receptacle the standard for 5th wheel. I failed to look at the plug on the heartland 32QBSS which is right now in storage at a...
  22. C

    SOLD - Snowriver Truck Camper

    "04" Snowriver 9/6 Super Slide EXCELLENT CONDTION $14,500 (a steal!) Many updates and extras added Modified so shower goes to grey tank Updated 19 gallon black tank 2 6v Trojan batteries Digital thermostat Built in TV can be view from dinette or bed 400 watt inverter for TV DVD player Relocated...
  23. Jewels55

    Graphics for Truck

    Who can we contact regarding getting matching graphics for our truck? We have the Full Throttle graphics (yellow, red, blue) on our trailer. I want to be stylin'! :cool:
  24. S

    Got my truck stuck in mud

    Those of you in the So. Cal. Chapter will get a chuckle outta this, for sure! I went to Horseman's Park this past weekend,, very close to the Del Mar Race track,,, for a horse show with my sister. Girls weekend,, no guys. I have a 2WD, 2003 2500HD, towing my 3300RL Big Country that I've...
  25. bigdob24

    3300 RCB weights and my truck specs?

    It looks like I will be within the trucks specs for towing. The weights for the new 3300RBC are GVWR 14,229 and that would be everything loaded , water and supplies, clothes, and toys maximum capacity, correct? Dry weight 9240 , this would be the actual coach weight nothing added , correct? Pin...
  26. R

    How to charge house batteries off of truck update

    I have checked the truck and power is working on it so it is a trailer problem. It does not look like a charging wire is hooked to the battery. Where could I find out how to find and hook up the charging wire?
  27. R

    How to charge house batteries off of truck

    We have a 2010 Bighorn 3670RL and a 2009 Dodge 3500. What do I need to do to get the truck to charge the trailer batteries while driving?
  28. ct0218

    RCMP checking truck weight ratings

    I Found this on the GM diesel site Thought this might be of interest to those towing w 250/2500 series trucks in Canada. Post from yesterday: Taken to the weigh scales by the RCMP <HR style="COLOR: #d1d1e1" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->This is the...
  29. K

    HD Truck Bias? Down with the "1/2 Ton" trucks?

    I am just curious why there is such a heavy bias on the forum against the 150 or 1500 sized trucks. I recognize that the HD trucks can pull more but when I can afford to have a TV that is dedicated to that task I might consider it. Alas I am just a poor family man and cant afford to buy a truck...
  30. C

    Best Truck to pull a '06 Bighorn 3655RD

    I have a '06 Ford f-250 PS Crew Cab
  31. C

    Can this truck safely tow the 3490BHS

    We've been looking for months-came across a 2009 Big Country 3490BHS that the dealer has priced at $x. Seems like a great deal and it has everything we want except the power awning. Is a manual awning a pain to deal with? We are members or and purchased their buying guides, and mult...
  32. Gzopete

    Truck Upgrade Help

    Here is the deal a new truck is out of the question. We have A 2004 Chevy 2500 CC D/A Short bed with a superglide 18k hitch. We will be getting a 3210 real soon. Now on its face everything should be inline as to weight. Under my 15000# max. I have 3400# tires on the truck. I am going to add...
  33. R

    Truck for Landmark Augusta

    We are looking to get a Landmark Augusta and trying to decide what I need in a truck to safely tow it. Also which hitches do you like. What are you towing with?
  34. M

    new Heartland - what truck would be the best?

    HI, Im buying a new Heartland Cyclone 3950. now Im looking for a new truck to pull this big thing I have never pulled something this big so I want to get the right truck. I was going to get a ford but my step dad says they have issues with there trans. I can get a new 2008 GMC 2500 with...
  35. dakotakid

    Tires for the truck

    I was wondering what Brand and tread type you all us on your trucks. I know E is the only way to go. I have the factory BFG rugged trails on now but looking at the Bfg At ot the Goodyear wrangler At with the silent armor stuff. Post some pics if you can.
  36. J

    What is the right truck for my Bighorn 3055RL?

    I currently own a Chevy Duramax 2500 and have been reading these threads for a while. After reading all that I can read I have determined that i am over the capacities with just a 3/4 ton. Are the 1 ton SRW Dodge and Chevy crew cabs sufficient tow vehicles for an normally loaded 3055 RL or do...
  37. leftyf

    Truck Files

    The current seat in my new truck is not compatible with the Bruno poer pedestal. They want to sell you and entire seat with their logo emblazoned on it. They will not provide a seat without it...some vehicles can use their existing seat..but, not a Silverado. They make additional lifts and...
  38. leftyf

    Truck...Truck...gotta get a truck.

    Did you know the VA will currently pay $11,000 cash money for certain vets to buy a vehicle? Did you know that they will also pay for the modifications to make the vehicle driveable if you meet their criteria? I didn't either until I started digging. I'll be posting forms, and experiences...
  39. pmmjarrett

    New Transporter Truck

    As many of you know I'm a professional RV transporter. Speaking with Jim the other day I mentioned I was doing this and he asked if I'd share the build here. A little about my background... Besides serving in the military and driving truck I have been a shipfitter, bodyman, welder and...
  40. H

    Truck to tow a Cyclone 3850?

    We are planning to purchase a Cyclone 3850. We are trying to figure out if we are able to pull this trailer with a 2009 Dodge Ram 3500 dually Quad Cab 4x4 Cummins Diesel 6.7L. We will be hauling two harleys. Can someone help us determine that this truck will be feasible. We are really...