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We are looking to get a Landmark Augusta and trying to decide what I need in a truck to safely tow it. Also which hitches do you like.
What are you towing with?


I tow my Landmark with a Dodge 3500 DRW 4x4 diesel and it does a great job, did install tiembrems though do to heavy pin weight. I use a Reese 20k fifth wheel hitch.


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We are looking to get a Landmark Augusta and trying to decide what I need in a truck to safely tow it. Also which hitches do you like.
What are you towing with?

Congratulations on your decision to get a Landmark. I can tell you they are awesome. We are looking forward to our second season in our Augusta. I envy you in that Heartland has made some really nice changes in their 2010 line of coaches. Also remember once you have your new rig to join the Heartland Owner's Club and get some really nice benefits.

As far as the truck goes, 1 ton or higher dually of course. You will see by my signature that I do not practice what I preach but if circumstances were different I would have a bigger truck.

If you happen to have your rig before then end of May then try to join us for the first annual Ohio Chapter rally .

Good luck and keep us informed of how things go,


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Congrats I also order a 2010 Augusta waiting to take delivery sometime in March. I was thinking of going with a Ford 450 and a 18K hitch, hope that will be enough hitch. This is my second Heartland had a 3670RL which is the Bighorn layout same as the Augusta. The company and people on this forum are a great help and allot of support.


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I tow my Augusta with a Chevy 3500 4x4 dually. The hitch is a B&W Companion. Hindsight being 20/20 - I wish I had the 4500 but the 3500 is getting the job done.

Just as an FYI with the Augusta - make sure the refrigerator is LOCKED before you move your trailer - even if it is just around the parking lot!! The doors come open and bump on the counter on the right side. You can probably guess how I know this.

Enjoy your new rig and welcome to the forum.


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450 or 4500

I hope you love your new Augusta as much as we love ours. I did not want to exceed any weights for the TV, so we got a F-450 and a Reese signature series 18K pro. It all works great together. The 18K hitch may not seem like a lot, but the factory pin box is also 18K, so I just matched the pin box. I have a Kelderman air ride system, but it is much different than traditional air bags. The F-450 only drops about 1.5" when hitched up, and the empty ride is not horrible. Just remember this Landmarks are heavy trailer and need heavy trucks to safely pull and stop them. check out my signature and gallery


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We had a 2009 Landmark (Augusta) and pulled it with the Chevy 3500HD 1 ton DRW's and thats all you need for a Landmark. We also owned a Chevy Kodiak 4500 and was built just for towing. Had the Chevy Kodiak done in Elkhart by Chariot Vans and had Link Air Suspension, Air ride seats and 6 box all Aluminum hauler bed. I will say it was the best riding Truck we have ever owned, wish I hadn't have sold it. By the way it got a solid 10 mpg at 68 mph with a total weight of 27,600 lbs 5er was a Cambridge by Keystone. And with the same 5th wheel pulled by a Chevy 3500HD its gross weight was 25,600 for over 20,000 miles never a issue. But you really want have a problem with a 1 ton Truck. Don't know about those other brands but the Chevy want need Air bags or Timbrems to handle the pin weight. Good Luck with your choice. GBY...


Congratulations again
We have the 09 Augusta and tow it with an 08 Dodge dually. The weight of your unit depends a lot on your options and cargo you carry. We have dual pane windows and a washer/dryer set up so we had a lot of extra weight from the get go. However our truck handles it very easily. With the exhaust brake on the truck and using tow haul mode we never have an issue going up hill or down. We have 3:73 gears.


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All of the Landmarks I have looked at put them out of the SRW truck catagory. Find a dullay you like that does the job and enjoy.



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I pull mine with a 3500 dually, and it is a good load on it. I would say that what I'm using would be the minimum.
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I started out with an '05 F350 SRW w/3.73 rear end and a Pull-Rite hitch, great combo for our prior 5er which was shorter and lighter than our '08 Augusta. I didn't feel real comfortable pushing GCWR limits with the new Landmark connected, nor did I like the SRW with this big of a rig. So I upgraded to an '08 F450 King Ranch which has been a great rig for towing the Augusta. The 4.88 rear end provides awesome torque, but horrible highway mileage compared to the '05. I had a GearVendor under/overdrive installed which gets me closer to a 3.73 rear end. Also, I use a B&W convertible hitch and like it a lot, lighter than the Pull-Rite hitch to remove. Good luck in your selections.


I towed my 2009 Augusta from S. Florida to Northern California (Quincy) and back with a 2008 SRW F350 diesel mostly @ 70 mph and it performed perfectly.