1. Jbevolves

    Dometic Tstat issues start with E1, then E5 now what seems to be low voltage to tstats (both)

    Hello All, My first post, although I have been reading the forum since my purchase in 2020 of my 2017 Landmark 365 Madison. Thanks to everyone who shares and contributes. I began this trip down the rabbit hole with a simple E1 error in my front HVAC unit which controls the furnace. I tried...
  2. T

    Problem with Shoreline CL50D

    As much as I like the motorized cord reel, mine is giving me a lot of problems. I took it apart and found some substantial damage. What would cause the types of issues in these pictures?
  3. T

    '13 Landmark Grey Tank 1 sagging

    Hello all, I have a 2013 Landmark (San Antonio) and the Grey Tank #1 was seriously sagging and leaking a little (from somewhere) the other day when it filled while camping. Today I took down the coroplast and everything looks to be in order (but I had emptied the tank already). The tank...
  4. Z

    2013 Landmark Key Largo and 2014 Dodge Ram Laramie 3500 DRW

    Our circumstances have changed and we would appreciate asking our fellow Heartland owners to spread the word on a nice set-up. We are selling our 2013 Landmark Key Largo and 2014 Dodge Ram Crew Cab Laramie Longhorn dually longbed. The 5th wheel is 40', brand new Goodyear G-rated tires, has snap...
  5. R

    Carrying Capacity

    I just looked at the Landmark pages on the website. I just noticed that the listed dry weight + carrying capacity exceed the GVWR of each unit. Is this a mistake or am I missing something? :confused:
  6. WanderingBays

    2018 Landmark Newport Half-Bath Toilet

    Greetings fellow Landmark Newport owners (and others with a Heartland Half-Bath option). In February of 2018 we took delivery of a factory ordered Newport, delivered to a dealership in Texas. On the day that we arrived to initially inspect the unit and do a walk through with the dealer, we...
  7. OSIN

    2017 Landmark Syracuse with AM Solar 1080W

    We're looking for a used Heartland MPG to tow behind our Jeep for local adventures so we can also stay in the Heartland Family (do you know anyone). We've changed our Main Living rig to a Foretravel Diesel Pusher. That being said our Landmark is for sale. You can view Photos and Extended...
  8. DruidZ

    How do I remove an Amana from a 2010 Landmark?

    I found a number of posts on this but they don't seem to apply to me. Here is a picture of my microwave after removing the decorative wood above it. I have already removed the two screw on each side of that block of wood but it still won't budge. Do I have to remove the ten hard to reach screws...
  9. Krjharley

    Refrigerator won’t operate while towing

    We own a 2016 Landmark 365 Key West with a residential fridge. The fridge wont run while driving. Dealer says there is a reset button and we need a magnet to do the reset. Can anyone explain this further? Thank!
  10. EPaulikonis

    Water leaking from pin box / front cap

    I have a 2015 Heartland Landmark Savannah parked under a metal shelter that's leaking water from the front cap right at the opening to the pin box connection. I've seen another thread at that mentioned leaking water lines and...
  11. J

    Landmark 365 Roof Construction - questions

    Hi, We have some questions regarding the roof construction and materials, as well as some general questions. Hopefully someone can assist us as the dealer we have been discussing the RV with hasn't been able to reply with an answer. I have searched Heartland's website, and the web, and can't...
  12. David-and-Cheryl

    Adding 12v outlet in bedroom of Landmark San Antonio

    I need to add a 12 volt receptacle in the bedroom of my 2013 Landmark San Antonio, to be able to power a CPAP machine while dry camping. The most logical place to put it, I think, would be in the wooden frame of the bed. The bed is in a slide-out, and the entire frame moves in and out with the...
  13. J

    jbeletti's 2015 Landmark 365 Ashland

    I picked up my new demo coach last week in Elkhart. It's a 2015 Landmark 365 Ashland with Full-Body Paint with a brown accent. I'll circle back to this thread to add pictures as soon as I have it cleaned up and all moved into. EXTERIOR More - cleaner RV pics coming soon INTERIOR coming soon
  14. C

    New Landmark Newport

    The fiance and I decided we were tired of living in the 2000 26ft single slide I have been using for work. She graduated in December and is now traveling with me full time for my job. We had been looking for a while and finally decided on a 2015 Landmark Newport. We found it in Ft Worth on...
  15. G

    RAM 3500 srw enough truck for key largo?

    I was looking for your opinions on a srw ram. Would the truck be enough truck for the Landmark Key Largo? Stats I found: 2014 3500 ram crew cab long box 4x4 bighorn 12300 gcrw 16820 max trailer 4290 payload rgawr 7000 gvw 8012 rgaw 3003 2015 key largo gvwr 16250 empty 12972 3250 pin at 20%...
  16. L

    One, (1) Uno, AC vent in bedroom?

    One, (1), Uno, as in the loneliest number. One 6" vent in the corner of the bedroom?!? Not a happy wife!! We just purchased a new 2014 Landmark Key West. Overall, one of the best units we've ever owned. We loved the idea of two AC/whole coach returns and venting. They're quite and cool the...
  17. L

    Awning Rolls Up Crooked!

    We have a Landmark... almost from the moment we got it two years ago, the awning rolls up and won't snap into place because the metal arms are "pulled" out of alignment. We brought it back to be fixed once and they said "oh yeah we just tightened it" But now it's to the point that when we put...
  18. K

    Landmark theater seating

    We see that there is an option for "power theater seating" IPO the recliners available for most Landmarks. Has anyone ordered this and, if so, are they better than the recliners that normally come with the Landmarks? We tried the recliners today and they have the same problem as the ones in...
  19. J

    The Landmark San Antonio

    A new Landmark floor plan will be in full production by the end of this month. We brought the proto-type to the Pomona, CA show this weekend and was sold on day 1 of the show. We hope it's a signal of the future popularity of this unit. Below is an image of the floor plan and attached is a...
  20. Razorback

    Cyclone spotted crossing the mighty Miss....

    Hi all, well it's about 6:30 am and I am drinking my third cup of joe sitting at Benchmark RV Park in Meridian Ms.waiting for the family to wake up. We are on our way to Topsail St. Park in Destin Fl. Saw a Cyclone crossing the Miss River Bridge in Memphis yesterday in front of us but he was...
  21. J

    Operation and Service Manuals for Lippert Electra-Hydraulic Leveling System on Landmark

    I have posted 2 PDF files in HOM (Heartland Owners Manuals) for the optional Lippert Electra-Hydraulic Leveling system for Landmark. One of these documents contains pictures of the control panel. Note that these images and sequences may not match up with earlier versions of this system. Jim
  22. SouthernNights

    Older Landmark owners

    Would someone with one of the original Landmarks post a picture of the mini ball valve water manifolds that came with the trailer. I think they mounted them in the UDC. Please don't go through alot of effort, but I am trying to track down the manufacturer of the manifold. The factory parts...
  23. M

    Do I need a slider to haul a 2009 Landmark Pinhurst

    Hello, I'm new to the RV world, we bought a 2009 Landmark Pinehurst, we plan to pull it with my F350 short bed 6 3/4. Should I install the slider with the fifth wheel or will work ok without it since on the 2009 Landmark. Also looking for some help for my wife working all the buttons. She can...
  24. J

    2011 Landmark Literature

    The 2011 Landmark literature is now available. It's a 6.9 MB pdf. Click here to download it. Jim
  25. J

    2011 Landmark Grand Canyon Demo Coach

    Several have asked to see pictures of this beauty so I took a few interior shots and put them online here. This is my 2011 Landmark Grand Canyon demo coach. This thing is awesome! Over the next few weeks, I'll add more interior pictures as well as a full compliment of exterior pictures. I...
  26. J

    2011 Landmark Rushmore

    Hi all Today my wife and I went to the Tampa Fl. RV Show. We saw the new Rushmore and it was beautiful. The only thing I dont like about it is the glass bowl sink that is being put in them. I would much rather have a sink like my 2009. Coley Brady was also there. I am going back again tomorrow...
  27. J

    2011 Model Year Landmark Changes

    Attached is a list of changes to Landmark for the 2011 model year. Jim
  28. N

    Why a Landmark or a Big Country over the Big Horn?

    I'm going to purchase a Big Horn 3670RL in the Spring. As I've been looking at all that Heartland has to offer, I can't figure a couple things out: 1--I don't get the Big Country line up at all. Zilch. OK, it has different floors, a (somewhat) fancy exterior, crazy mix-matched color cabinetry...
  29. K

    covers have no stripes/graphics 2010 landmark augusta

    hello all, my question is, my 2010 landmark agusta has no stripes/graphics on the covers for the refrigerator, heater and water heater, they just have a small section that looks like its painted on, but the other stripes that flow thru the coach are not on the covers, is that supposed to be...
  30. J

    First Look: New Landmark Full-Body Paint

    Attached are image of what the new Landmark Full-Body Paint looks like. The white area is actually a cream color. There are no decals - it's all painted, then clear coated. It looks AWESOME in person. Jim
  31. J

    Landmark Roof

    Hello Everyone, I have a question about the roof on my Landmark Augusta. The roof is wavey between what seems to be the sheets of plywood. Is this normal? Other 5th wheels I have had have not been like this. It is not a problem just does not look right. If anyone has any insight on this I would...
  32. klindgren

    Pontoons for my Landmark

    Hey, Anyone know if they make pontoons to attach to my Landmark? Right now, I'd need them to get my rig out of our driveway, or should I say the lake in front of our house.:eek: It's been a very rough, windy and rainy time these past couple of days. It's still raining but no where near like...
  33. D

    Landmark Or Big Horn

    Whats the differance between a big Horn 3670 and a Landmark Augusta? Why not just buy the big horn an save the extra money or is the landmark worth the extra money? I hope someone can help me. Thanks
  34. klindgren

    Landmark Sighting in Dam Neck

    Visited some of our friends last night at Dam Neck Naval Station. They were camping there for the weekend. There was a new 2010 Landmark Grand Canyon parked at one of the sites there. Name plate out front said The Evans. I think they are from Virginia because the car parked out front had...
  35. K

    has the suspension on the landmark been upgraded ?

    I have on order a 2010 landmark agusta with the landmark package, it comes with the goodyear tires and trail air suspension, I would like to know if that has been an upgrade from previous units that have had problems with the suspension breaking ect ect. thank you for any and all information...
  36. B

    Landmark Oakmont Air Conditioning Problem

    We have a 2009 Landmark Oakmont which has the sepearte living room. The problem I am having is that the air conditioning vents in the living room are not putting out any air. The vents in all of the other rooms are working good as is the air conditioner. We also have a second AC in the bedroom...
  37. B

    North Trail and Landmark I90 in Ohio

    Sunday saw a beautiful north trail on I-90 west bound about 11:40 it was towed by an black four letter word that starts with an F that my momma wont let me say. Then about 10 minutes later say a Landmark being towed by a much nicer tan GMC.
  38. W

    New Landmark Purchase

    We posted our request for input on Landmark owners satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their Landmark and received primarily positive statement. However, one owner suggested checking out our local dealer prior to purchase as a good, reliable dealer can make or break owner satisfaction. Our...
  39. W

    Landmark Purchase

    We are considering purchasing a Heartland Landmark 5th wheel and would like honest feedback, both pro and con, from current owners.
  40. C

    landmark decal

    My front landmark decal is starting to peel in 4 or 5 areas, not major but starting. Would this be covered under warranty? Is it wear and tear? Trailer is 09 Pinehurst driven off lot about 1 month ago. And lastly has anyone had to buy one and how much did it cost, thanks, Rich.