1. Jbevolves

    Dometic Tstat issues start with E1, then E5 now what seems to be low voltage to tstats (both)

    Hello All, My first post, although I have been reading the forum since my purchase in 2020 of my 2017 Landmark 365 Madison. Thanks to everyone who shares and contributes. I began this trip down the rabbit hole with a simple E1 error in my front HVAC unit which controls the furnace. I tried...
  2. Hastey

    Water Supply Lines - Home, RV and Other Places

    You should really replace your supply lines every 5 years as suggested and spend the extra money and buy good braided lines. I am the Master of the Masonic Lodge in Henryetta, OK and this morning my Sr. Warden calls me in a panic. A water line busted upstairs and flooded the building...
  3. A

    DVD home theater sys. E Technology

    We have a 2008 .3670 Bighorn,with a E- Technology DVD home theater sys. installed.Does anyone have any info on this sys.Who makes them,where can we get good manual's,who sells them in the U.S. Thank's for any help
  4. robnmo

    It's home

    Well we got the 3612 today. I think we went over everything from the screws to a very tiny scratch in the counter top....................we ain't complaining about an itsy bitsy little scratch that's most people probably would never see and one small bubble under one decal about the size of a...
  5. CrazyScotsman

    Home at last

    Well, I've been on the road for 7 weeks finally got home last night. I have been North to South. East to West. I did see a bunch of HL's on the travels, but don't ask if I can remember where or when. I did have a nice trip up to St Johns New Foundland. What a beautiful place, the drive...
  6. dbylinski

    We're Home

    Just wanted to thank everyone for the uplifting e-mails and FB messages while we were sick in DC :(. It's tough enough to get the flu but away from home just makes it worse. We spent more time inside the camper this past week than we did all summer. It was too cold to be outside anyway :eek...
  7. I

    home built 5th wheel

    need skills and time. But would know how evrything works and where it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJQmwusgU5M
  8. JohnDar

    Home Again

    Well, our 2009 camping season has drawn to a close. We pulled the BH back home to the storage yard today. It spent the entire summer parked on site in Indian River, MI, 200 miles north of here. Other than the problem with the electric awning (to be repaired Sept. 29), everything worked...
  9. P

    Connecting BIGHORN to home cable

    We use our fifth wheel trailer for 4 months(winter)in Florida each year and the balance of the year parks behind the garage. There we use it as another bedroom during the summer. I would like to extend the cable to the trailer but need some advice. What do I need when it comes to coaxial cable...
  10. jnbhobe

    The Horn Is Home

    Well the ice is almost gone on Lake Erie and I hope we got our last snow on wednesday. So I got one of my guys and we pulled the rig out of storage. It only took about two hours. Got out the old 74 Bronco and put on a hitch, hooked up and got the trailer to the door. Then let the air in the...
  11. B

    got my horn home

    Got our new baby(3580 B/H) home !!!! Since this our home, we have been in it the last two nights, have found a couple small defects nothing major, we just love it, hope to have many uneventful years enjoying the full time life style. I'll keep you all posted and if I have questions I know where...
  12. kblasdel

    5er at home

    Well we finally got our Sundance home on Thursday. What a great day to pick up our new camper. "Played" in the camper a little today (took boxes out to camper). Will try to work tomorrow for a while It is BEAUTIFUL!!! Can't wait to take her out for her maden voyage. CANT" WAIT...
  13. P

    3055 Bighorn with Samsung Home Theatre System

    I would like to be able to listen to my IPOD through this system BUT do not want to have to disconnect the TV "audio in" to hook it up. I see the USB connection on the front to power the IPOD but I need to connect the left and right channel to the Samsung tuner. What am I missing or overlooking?
  14. P

    Samsung TV and home theatre thing

    We are going to support the economy by upgrading to a new Bighorn but we have questions about the electronics and do not want to wait until we take delivery. Although we did not have problems with FR's Concertone (which is a 12 volt system) this Samsung thing seems to be much different. 1...
  15. J

    Tip: Don't use your real address for "Home" in your GPS

    Read this today on the Escapees forum and felt it good enough to share with everyone here. I'll paraphrase: Woman had her car broken into at a train station and her GPS and garage door remote were stolen. Thieves used the Home button on the portable GPS to drive to the woman's home. They...
  16. D

    Brought home 31QBS--lots of info!

    Hi all, We took delivery of our new 31QBS today and towed it home. A few observations after our "shakedown" tow... As you may recall... here's my truck specs from the previous thread: 2003 Chevrolet Silverado Half Ton, Ext. Cab, 2WD, SWB. 5.3L/3.73, factory tow pkg, 144" WB. GVWR 6200...
  17. wagenman

    2009 2998RB @ home

    The day I brought it home... not a good picture yet...
  18. bigredtruck

    Brand New Cyclone 3210 LE on it's way home

    DH just left Lakeshore RV, Muskegon MI a few minutes ago. My heart is going a mile a minute, I am so excited about our new trailer! If anyone sees him on the I-90 in the next 4 days, it would be fun to know about it! Pictures are in our album if you want to see. None No major problems with...
  19. lmcclure

    3200ES at Home

    Got her to the house and here she is, The FW that is. Better half is there also.
  20. J

    3670 now home

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I have been reading all the postings for the last 2 months and have learned alot. We purchased our Bighorn from a Dealer in Montana approx. 6 weeks ago and picked it up on Wednesday. I stayed one night near Kalispell to test things out before heading back to...