2 "Passport America" web sites and iPhone apps. Which is the one you use?

I'm confused now... Was all set to join Passport America, only to find there are two different entities with that name. One has a website at "www.passportamerica.com" and the other is at "www.passport-america.com". These appear to be claiming pretty much the same benefits, etc., and I can't tell which is "the one" to use.

And there are two "Passport America" apps in the iTunes App Store, one for each of the above...

Anyone out there know which is better? (And why?)


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I have the "www.passportamerica.com".
Don't know which if any are better than the other.
I have not heard about the passport-america version. I wonder why their logo says camp4less.com.

No, there are two distinct iPhone apps, and they are different. I downloaded both, and confirmed they are different. One is associated to the non-hyphen website, the other to the hyphenated website. One claims 1900 sites, the other 1850. One has an email service and magazine, the other has neither. Maybe it doesn't matter, since the rates appear to be pretty much the same?


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I see the difference now. There is only one available for the iPad and 2 different ones for the IPhone. I am using the iPad one on both. I never noticed this before.