2011 Graystone 33QS Ready To Roll


Hello Everyone,
I am very excited to announce that we are in the process of purchasing a 2011 Graystone 33QS, we should pick it up either Friday or Saturday.
We had a Forest River Wildcat 5th wheel but sold it due to to many kids activities. We wanted to start traveling more now that the kids are older, two in college & one a senior in high school, so we started looking for another 5th wheel. When we found the 33QS we really liked the floor plan & and the counter space in the kitchen. Now, I have a few questions for those of you that have had or currently own the Graystone, what are your likes & dislikes & are there any modifications that you would recommend. Please don't hold back, any comments are welcome.
Thanks Mike


Founders of SoCal Chapter
As asked in your other Thread. What tires (brand) are on it now? As to mods, that's a personal thing, just make sure before drilling holes...whats on the other side. Check all the caulking very close on the roof, around windows, baggage doors, etc, etc. If any of the caulking is suspect, make your dealer re-caulk everything before you leave.