2012 Greystone 33CK Pix


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Picked up this puppy last weekend. Now to get out and do some camping!

IMG-20110416-00106.jpg IMG-20110417-00108.jpg IMG-20110417-00109.jpg IMG-20110417-00110.jpg IMG-20110417-00111.jpg IMG-20110417-00112.jpg
Ottawa-20110423-00145.jpg Ottawa-20110423-00146.jpg Ottawa-20110423-00148.jpg Ottawa-20110423-00149.jpg
Ottawa-20110423-00150.jpg Ottawa-20110423-00151.jpg Ottawa-20110423-00153.jpg
Ottawa-20110423-00155.jpg Ottawa-20110423-00157.jpg//heartlandowners.org/images/misc/pencil.png


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Nice combo! I didn't realize there was a bunkhouse in the Greystone line. We looked at an almost identical F350 yesterday. Only difference was dual rear wheels on the one we looked over.


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Looking at your pic of the truck and camper has me saying....holy crap that looks really long. It is getting me excited for wednesday when we pick up ours....I will post pics as well.


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Looks great!
I'm not sure you can really call that "camping" though... maybe more like "remote-condo-ing" ??

We have next weekend planned for getting our ER out and souped up for the summer season. I can't wait!