Fireplace replacement

My electrician friend thinks a loose wire was the cause. The RV is 9 years old and has more than a few miles on it. I replaced both the plug and the outlet box. Fireplace now works. My friend told me to run it a feel the box/ plug for overheating.
Why are people leaving these fireplaces running at night while asleep? I sure don't trust mine enough to do it. There are other solutions.
We have always run our fireplace for heat before using the furnace or electric heater. 2011 Bighorn the fireplace still works just fine. We do not leave the RV and let it run through.


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Is there any reason why we could not install gas one or something like as in the web sight below as long as to code?



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I've read the owner's manual. Ventilation requirements may negate use in an RV not to mention that it states to never install unit in a recreational vehicle.