2012 Greystone 33QS potential new buyer


We are very close to making a deal to purchase a new 2012 Greystone 33QS. Is there anything for us to be concerned about/ask about? We plan to keep it here in Brownsville TX where we winter for five months a year. Thanks.


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Hi robrud,

Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum. You'll find lots of useful information here along with a bunch of friendly people who are willing to share what they've learned. You'll probably get some good suggestions pretty quickly.

Let me start by suggesting that if possible, stay a day or two at or close by the dealer. That'll give you a chance to try everything and get any adjustments made before your first outing. You'll also be in a good position to get any questions answered quickly.

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Check over the upper end of the front cap. There have been some issues with the gelcoat on some of them fading. The cure is to paint it. Better to find it now...Don


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We just purchased a GS 33QS in Sept and have taken it to Tenn twice from Ohio. Pulls great, has a lot of room etc. I have heard of fading issues but believe that may have been on some of the earlier models. Probably the biggest concern you will have is people stopping by looking at and telling you how great it looks!! Enjoy!