2013 BH Silverado 33RK - Your Experiences?

I am seriously considering the purchase of a New 2013 Silverado 33RK in a couple of days. I'd surely appreciate your feedback...good, bad and ugly before I pull the trigger on this deal. I'm already a Heartland owner 2010 North Country. It's been an excellent travle trailer; I'm just looking to move up to a 5th wheel. I have an opportunity to purchase the Silverado at a very good price and I want to know what I might be getting into before I make the deal.

Thanks, Greg in Texas


Hi Greg,

Welcome to the posting side of the Heartland Owners Forum. I hope over the years you have been lurking around on the forum and gotten any questions answered you may have had.

Also please think of joining us in the Heartland Owners Club and attending a rally where you will meet lots of great folks and have a lot of fun.

Moving to a fifth wheel will be a new adventure for you and I'm sure you will love it.

Jim M


Luv'n Life
Mine was mfg in late Sept of last year. It has the new Silverado brand name to it. Not The old BigHorn Silverado. Have had no problems. We lived in it for 3 months while our house was being finished. Now we are on a month long trip.

I looked at the same model as you but liked this one better, also only wanted 35ft to pull.

good luck to you and like I said, check it over very good. How long has it been sitting on the lot? Look for the Mfg date.