2013 Iowa Rally Planning Discussion


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The football schedule has Oct 5 listed as homecoming. Although, the amanas are 20 miles away, Traffic on 80 and in Iowa City and Coralville will be heavy. Nothing to stop having a nice rally in the Amanas but with homecoming and octoberfest and home football game, Things could be busy for those that decide to explore the Amanas or head into Iowa City. Again, Something to be aware of but it could also encourage those that are Iowa Alumni to consider attend a rally there, too.


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Due to my work schedule and the Hawkeye game that weekend, we will not be able to attend the rally at the Amanas this year. Since we are still worker bees, it's hard to get away, especially during the week. Is there any Big Horn owners out there close to Des Moines that would like to camp at Saylorville on a Sept weekend after the Labor Day holiday? We are camping at Saylorville on Sept 13th weekend as that is the rival IA vs IA State football game on TV, since Ames hosts it this year. Love camping with our Beagle....


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Sally says you've got that right Dave! I assume you were talking about cell phone bars??? If Bernie goes, we'll have to leave a week early!
Talking about me again and I didn't even see it till now. Roy, we're leaving for the Iowa rally this weekend. Of course we'll be stopping at six rallies on the way there.