2014 Cyclone came with Eureka Yellow Jacket central vac - does not work


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Central Vac (CV140) Eureka Yellow Jacket must have broken since we used it last. Tried to use it the other day, and it would not start up. Can someone tell me WHEN I lift the Living room hose port so I can pick up dirt I swept over by it, it should come on - right? Also, IF you swing the door up with the hinge, you can install the hose that has a metal collar on it. When the metal collar contacts the two metal spring pegs inside the vac should start up. I think the basement has a port with similar metal spring pegs to activate vacuum. Mine would not start any of these ways. So as I was troubleshooting it, I took the living room port off the step and as I was messing with it, it started to work. So I vacuumed the RV. Then when I pulled the hose out, it would not shut off. Finally it shut off, dont remember now what I did to make it shut off. When I put the hose back in the port, it would not start up. More troubleshooting. I found the AC power plug and unplugged it, verified 120VAC, and when I plugged it back in, it started. NO hoses were plugged in, and the living room assembly-port was not open or lifted up for sweep vac. It shut itself off after a few minutes. Since then, I was not able to get it to work again. I think I will leave it unplugged for now. ANY Ideas? IS this a common problem with this yellow Eureka central vac in the Cyclones and other Heartland products? Anyone ever have to replace it after warranty was over? Cost?


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Here is a link to the Eureka Vacuum Manual from this web forum's manuals library: https://manuals.heartlandowners.org/manuals/Appliances/Vacuum/Eureka YellowJacket_Owners-Install.pdf

To find manuals yourself, click on the "Tools" tab at the top of any forum page, then click on the "Manuals" tab, then follow the submenus to the device you want to learn about.

It has been a long, long, time since I have used my built in vacuum. I bought a stick/handheld vacuum for about $20 from Walmart. I think they have a Bissell version of these on sale right now. My home built-in vacuum needed a circuit closure (short between 2 pins in the outlet by the metal hose connector) to turn on the vacuum. The Eureka built-in might be the same. Also check the circuit breaker for the vacuum, and you may have to go crawling into the access area behind the storage compartment black divider panels (which come loose by removing a few screws) to see if the vacuum is plugged into its designated outlet, and the outlet is live.


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Mine is fickle. I ONLY use the port outside in the storage area for vacuuming my car - and I use the dustpan thing. You have to "kick" it straight up (the whole thing, not just the door for the hose) to get it to activate. It took me a while to figure out how exactly to do that part. And I ended up doing it by accident. ;)

Hopefully you get it figured out soon!

Bob Vaughn

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Brand new mine did not work....I took down the basement wall and found the cord laying in a rats nest of wires not even plugged in. It did not fall out during transit to the dealer it was just not plugged in......Ours is useless I paid the money for a dyson .....