Slide not working properly


I have a 2015 Model 3570 RS Big Horn either dual rear slide outs that operate off of one switch. The kitchen side works great. The living room side hoes out slower and actually stops like it is tripping the breaker and you have to wait a few seconds to move it again. Does this going in and out. Also noticed when in it doesn’t pull the back bottom in all the way. It has done this since I purchased it a couple months ago. I was told by the owner they should both go in and out the same time. My hydraulic Jacks seem to do that when going up also. Also the bedroom slide seems like the bottom cables are to loose but seems to work ok. Any help would be greatly appreciated since I never owned a camper before. Thanks.


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It sounds like the 50 amp auto reset 12 volt breaker needs to be replaced. You will find that breaker located in a bank of 12 volt breakers located near your battery. Follow the heavy red wire from the pump to locate the correct breaker.
Be sure to disconnect from shore power and disconnect the neutral wire from the battery before changing the breaker.
You should be able to find a replacement breaker at an auto parts store. About $10.
If the electric slide is working fine don't worry about lose cables. You will always have two loose cables and two tight cables.
If you choose to adjust your cables you can find instructions by clicking on the Tools button at the top of each forum page and click Manuals. Then look for BAL slide.