2021 - Goshen Rally - Quilting & More at the "She Shed"

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Heartland Quilting & More at the "She Shed"

Exciting news for 2021 Goshen rally attendees. The Sewing Retreat and Shop Hop is returning!


Heartland Quilting & More at the "She Shed" - Sewing Crafting, Knitting, but mostly a "she shed" complete with lots of conversation! A great place to hang out, meet up, have a coffee, share your hobbies or just hang out.
Our Sewing Retreat and Shop Hop is returning!
A shop hop to area fabric and yarn shops. Once you arrive at the rally, check in with Kathy or Diane at the "She Shed" or look us up at sites (TBD). We will be arranging carpools or you can go on your own or with a friend. Most of the shops have a special discount for us!

A mini retreat space for Quilters, Yarners, Needleworkers and more to enjoy their hobby and each other.
There is no charge to participate in either activity!

Diane McLane (DianeQuilts), Sandra Bennett and Kathy AmRhein (kkamshop) are the co-hosts of this activity and all who wish to join us!

June 7 - June 19, 2021 - this is pre-rally and rally, so you can drop in to sew and chat as much as you like!

The Ag Hall Building. This building is located just east of the Rally Hall (ECCC building) - just a few steps out the east end door. This building is secure, is air-conditioned, has WiFi and restrooms.
Ag Hall - Home of Heartland Quilting and More at the %22She Shed%22.jpg

- Tables for your machines and crafting (I will bring a couple of extra machines in case someone needs one)
- Chairs
- Ironing stations
- Coffee/water/light refreshments
- Smiles!

Sell/Swap Table - Bring those items you no longer need, someone may be looking for just that thing!
Door Prizes!!!! Some of shops have donated door prizes for some lucky participants.

Please let us know if you would like to sign up. Space is limited!
Click here to send an email to us to signup or post a reply to this thread.

Thank you!

Diane McLane (DianeQuilts), Sandra Bennett and Kathy AmRhein (kkamshop)

  1. Diane McLane
  2. Kathy AmRhein
  3. Sandra Bennett
  4. Candy Hudson
  5. Nancy Williams
  6. Karen Fredrickson
  7. Terry Ginn
  8. Debra Atkinson
  9. Nancy Anderson
  10. Nancy Nilson
  11. Donna Wood
  12. Judy Winkle
  13. Edythe Kuhn
  14. Sue Keetch
  15. Cathy Daniels
  16. Maggie Brown
Who's next?

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Candy Hudson would like to attend. I participated with the group in 2019. See y'all in June!


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Thank you Jim B, for arranging for us to be able to use the Ag Hall this year. Hoping for another good turnout!
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