2021 North Trail Caliber 22FBS


New to the group and new to RV's. Just stepped up to this Trailer from and Overland Trailer. The family is pretty excited not to be sleeping in a tent!

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Hi Fpd4308,

Congratulations on the new North Trial and welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum. Feel free to share your adventures and don't hesitate to browse the forum or ask questions if you need help with anything.


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Congratulations to you!Your going to really love your Heartland North Trail 21FBS. We owned one for 4 years and it was problem free!


Thank you for the welcome! Well, the first weekend trip is in the books. What a great experience. The wife and kids loved the step up from my trusty overland trailer. It was only a weekender but got us away from the Oregon smoke and fires for a bit. I am really happy with the performance of the North Trail. Sad to put it away but another weekend will be here soon!

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Congatulations! We have 2018 North Trail Caliber 22FBS! We love ours. Next trip out is October.

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Congrats on your new 22 FBS and welcome to the forum and Heartland family. Our 1st HL rig was the 22FBS and I regretted not getting the 22FBS. Enjoy and don't be a stranger to the site. Hope to meet you down the road in the future. Later and have a great day.