2022 Heartland Mallard M26 Electrical Issue


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So got the m26 back Thursday. I went to use the jack and had no power, the service advisor said “oh the probably left the battery on” they plugged it into shore power and I checked everything. Everything seems to work fine. Got home plugged it in to 110v and was happy. Had it plugged in for two days, I unplugged from 110v to move the camper back to my storage lot. Went to use the power jack dead. I have no 12v power at all? I replaced the 50amp fuse thinking it was bad, nope no dice. Checked all the fuses on the panel all are good. I’m at a loss for words. When I originally dropped it off the camper,the jack, stabilizers 80% of it worked. Don’t know what else to check. Battery was tested is good?
Do you have a main battery disconnect that has been turned off? Mine is located in the front storage compartment on my Fuel 305.
Issue has been found. Took the cover off the on off switch and the crimp came loose off the positive terminal cable. Re-crimped and we’re good to go.


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