2023 cyclone 4006


New to the page. Hi everyone. I have owned many camper through the years. I travel a lot for work. Just bought this week a cyclone 4006 and the microwave over the oven doesn’t vent outside?… there’s no vent cover on the side of the unit and when you turn the fan on it blows out on the left side of the microwave. Any ideas? Should I look into venting it myself?


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The microwave in our Cyclone 4005 is also designed to vent inside. It's not a problem. There should be a charcoal filter in the vent outlet that removes odors from the exhaust. I've replaced that filter a couple times over the 5 years we've had the rig. In ours they also recommend running the ceiling exhaust fan in the kitchen area while using the stove or microwave.


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Our 2018 Road Warrior 427 does not vent outside. We have been full time in it since June 2019, in numerous different states from Key West to Palm Springs up to Glacier NP area.