Slide out will just start closing on its own


Hello, I have a 2021 cyclone 4006 and twice now the hydraulic pump will come on and start closing the living room slides. It does this on its own. Both times have been able to run to the back and activate the slide out switch and it will stop. The first time we were on vacation in FL and I was outside speaking with friends and wife was inside sitting on sofa when it just started closing up. I heard the pump activate from outside and thought it was the leveling system but once my wife started screaming I open door to see the slide moving in. I ran to back door and pressed the open side of the rocker switch and it stopped. I used the switch and opened it back up. Didn’t do it again for the 2weeks we were there so I thought maybe it caught a radio signal or Bluetooth signal from another camper. Now fast forward to today and I was by myself packing up for a getaway this weekend. I am standing in the toy section strapping down a couple kayaks and it does it again. I was standing at the switch so again I pressed button and it stopped. Camper was parked beside my house level. We live on a farm and it is very rural. This is a little scary because if it were to do it in middle of night while sleeping, we could become trapped. Has anyone ever experienced this. I have searched the web and forums with no luck locating an answer.



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For a quick permanent fix think about installing a cut off switch for the hydraulic pump. Also till you do you could disconnect the power to the pump after setting up camp.

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wiring or switch issue is my guess, very seldom does a switch close but I have seen it. Wiring is more difficult to troubleshoot look for damaged wiring from switch to pump motor