32RK - Replacing existing Aims SCC PWM with MPPT - Advice?


Took delivery on our 32RK last Saturday and so far, love the layout and build, however, I am going to replace the existing Aims PWM solar charge controller with something MPPT, likely a Victron, as I will be immediately swapping in 2x 100Ah 12V LiFePO4 batteries along with swapping out the existing 2kW Aims inverter with my 5kW inverter. All that being said, any advice on moving the charge controller? Should I just bypass it and install my new one in the "electronics bay" or take it out and cover the hole in the passthrough area with the new charge controller. I don't much like where the existing one is placed, but I do see the logic because of what its capabilities are. The new charge controller will (eventually) be connected to a centralized management, like a CerboGX. Thanks in advance!