AC outlet

AC power out lets on both sides of the bed. I have to run an extension cord from the bathroom to power my CPAC machine.


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Have you taken a flashlight and checked for outlets along the base of the bed? Most floorplans have them on both sides but they can be difficult to see.


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BC has one on each side of the bed, the closet, and in the washer dryer closet. There is one on the chest of drawers where the TV plugs in. You should not have to go looking for an outlet. But, if you can't find them, lift up your mattress and see if some knucklehead did not install them, the wires should be there, even if the sockets are not.

BTW, I installed a DC outlet for my CPAP so I have it on shore power or not on shore power. I cut a hole in the side panel of the bed and installed a DC outlet by tying it into the DC wires that feed the lights.-just a thought.

The use of the term Knucklehead was a coincidence. It was not meant to be derogatory to the OP.