Accessing New Forum Posts from Mobile Device


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Accessing New Forum Posts from Mobile Device

How to find New Posts using mobile device

Use Case
Forum users can easily access the forum using a mobile device and quickly get to New posts

1. Open a web browser on your mobile device and navigate to
You’ll also need to be logged into the forum to see “your” What’s new
2. Easiest method: Click the lightning bolt in the upper-right corner of the screen,
then skip to step 5 below
3. Longer method: Click the menu icon (3 stacked horizontal lines) in the upper-left corner
of the screen, then continue to step 4 below

4. From the Menu, click on the What’s new button


5. All posts that are new to you will appear on the next screen


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Can also access “new posts” by the linked box on the forum page. JB see your first screen print