Actually used our BigHorn


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DW and I spent over 5000 miles exploring this great country. Our BH and old truck worked great; no issues whatsoever. Yes it was hot most of the time but the two air conditioners were able to handle it. Visited family in the Dallas area then headed north, Oklahoma, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. We usually just spent time in in the Northern Rockies so it was our first time driving through the Great Plains. Made it to Glacier National Park, first time there. Also got to experience the various RV parks found along our route, some very upscale while others not so much, seems there are pluses and minuses to each park; some we couldn’t wait pull out while others we could stay much longer then scheduled. The big positive is generally my fellow campers were all very kind, friendly and helpful folk. Now need to do a serious job cleaning the camper.



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Great times. Glad you had so a wonderful trip & experiences. We did Glacier this year, we were there when they opened the Going to the Sun Road on July 13th.